Officially introduced the Toyota GR Super Sport in the Lounge of Tokyo

As we mentioned last month, Toyota would reveal sooner or later a supercar, a vehicle that any brand worth its salt needs to have. The Toyota GR Super Sport will be the japanese. GR means Gazoo Racing, who have been in charge of producing the car and put it to point.

The GR Super Sport has clear inspiration in the cars of the japanese brand used in the resistance tests of the World of ResistanceWEC – whose proof most well-known is that of Le Mans, an event in which the japanese have had a tremendous bad luck these last two years.

This new supercar is for Toyota, what the Mercedes AMG Project One is for the German brand. If one sets out clearly the inheritance of the “barges” of Le Mans –vehicles registered in the category LMP1 WEC-, the supercar German uses elements directly derived from Formula 1. But as we will see, both categories share many characteristics.

The vehicles of the WEC are as in Formula 1, hybrid. It is for this reason that the Toyota GR Super Sport used the same engine that the japanese constructor implemented in his racing vehicle, the Toyota TS050 Hybrid Le Mans, a propeller V6 2.4 litre, together with two turbos and a hybrid system provides 990 horse power.

there are Only two units approved and certified to roll on the road, one of them is found in the company’s headquarters in Germany, while the other is currently being exhibited at the Tokyo motor show, where it has been officially submitted.

despite the fact that the GR Super Sport is still a prototype, makes it very clear that the future supercars will set up this type of solution, the hybrid. Personally I think that is the best, because in addition to adding an extra performance to the vehicle, allows you to pollute less and be totally silent in the cities. Environmentalists and lovers of the engine we should be doubly happy.

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