Ogier: “It’s a good challenge to return to the success of M-Sport”


With the ‘silly season’ WRC practically settled, the signing of Sébastien Ogier by M-Sport continues to speak. The four-times World Champion faces a new challenge in the debut computer, car, boss, team mate and all of the hand of his first months as a parent. Without a doubt, 2017 is presented as a year of change for Ogier, something that the same rate in an interview to the press service of Red Bull, sponsor staff who will accompany you this new adventure together to the preparer of Cumbria, training with that expected to continue to increase their records legend.

At 33 years of age, Sebastien Ogier holds its position very clear in relation to his signing by M-Sport: “I’ve accomplished a lot in the last few years, but I feel that I’m in a position in which I have very little to lose. I have nothing to prove. I’m going to try to do the best possible. Definitely is a good challenge trying to return the success to M-Sport after so many years of struggle. I had two days of testing in Sweden, I will have another test in January. It is not too much time in the car. It is a challenge and at the same time a little early to know what we’re going to be able to achieve”.


Another great news for Sébastien Ogier is the birth
of their first child
, something that has also changed your life: Has done that
it is more difficult to get out of the house
. Becoming a father changed my life. I
it makes you think a little differently and have a different perspective of the
life. For many years I’ve been completely focused on the
racing and although I keep giving the best of me, I also want time to
enjoy with my family
. I want to be a good father. It will be still more
difficult when you start to talk because I am sure that your mother will
teach you how to first sentence that a dad stays at home”.

all in all,
Ogier has a hungry, competitive, fierce and intact: I Hate to lose and when
I’m involved in something, I always give the best
. I am never going to average, if
I do, I’m going to 100%. Winning is a nice feeling, I had the opportunity
be part of a fantastic team in the last four years and
we had great successes together. in The end, it almost became normal to gain, but
it was never easy
. Throughout these ten years in the WRC, I’ve achieved
much more than I expected ten years ago. When I started in the WRC the
dream supreme was to be World Champion and I’ve achieved four times.
Let’s see what brings the future now“.