Ogier wins the Rally of Wales, Volkswagen 'champion'


Sébastien Ogier has joined his sixth win of the season after dominating from start to finish the Rally of Wales. The French pilot, with no pressure after leaving champion, managed to forge a great advantage during the day initial rally, a difference that has been able to manage over the remaining two stages. Following a remarkable recital in the day of Sunday, Ott Tanak was second with 10.2 seconds of Ogier. Although close to the podium, Thierry Neuville has not been able to avoid with your points that Volkswagen Motorsport has been proclaimed champion team for the fourth consecutive time.

Little or nothing had to be decided in the last stage of the Rally of Wales and the surprise did not take place during the six final stages, giving Sébastien Ogier, his fourth triumph in this test. All in all, Ott Tanak managed to leave his stamp on a final day’s brilliant in picking up the six scratch possible to stay that is just 10 seconds of his rival. All a statement of intentions of a pilot which has not yet confirmed his future and that could be, if it is not already, a candy very appealing to Toyota and M-Sport. Between the two seems to be your destination.

With Ott Tanak getting in addition to the three extra points in the Power Stage, we can say that Andreas Mikkelsen and Thierry Neuville picked up the crumbs of the rally. The first of two extra points that do not improve in excess of their situation in the face to get the runner-up position and the second, which is much closer to this goal, could not prevent with his podium and the title of Volkswagen Motorsport. In this way, while Thierry Neuville celebrated his third place and his advantage in the fight for the runner-up position of riders, Volkswagen Motorsport he uncorked the champagne for its fourth consecutive title teams.


The fourth position in the Rally of Wales has been to Hayden
. The new zealander has returned to show his best version with the arrival of
a rally of gravel to such an extent that threaten at times to the podium with Thierry Neuville,
position of the that has fallen to 19.5 seconds. All in all, the paper of Paddon
it has been very solid, as has been that of a Kris Meeke who has been
hampered by a double puncture at an inopportune moment. All in all, Meeke
has managed to sign a fifth position to close his most successful season
in the WRC

In a rally more discreet, but without making any ruling,
Dani Sordo has joined in a good sixth position in the muddy sections welsh
fulfilling its mission in at least overcome one of the pilots
Volkswagen. We talk about Jari-Matti Latvala, seventh, and candidate
recurrent problems of the Polo R WRC with the transmission
. Something anecdotal to
barely 300 kilometers from the end of the season and the retirement of the model,
but that does not stop symptomatic of a small weakness of the car that has
dominated with an iron hand
during the entire season.

The area of points on the Rally of Wales have been completed Mads
Ostberg, Stéphane Lefebvre and Eric Camilli
. While the first assumes
a new disappointing result in a test in which in the past has
come to fight for the podium, for the two young French pilots is a
more notch in the cylinder head. However, Lefebvre was relocated to a new co-pilot in what has been his return after two rallies outside the WRC for injury,
while Camilli had no prior experience at the wheel of a World Rally
Car in the always complex sections of Wales.


Esapekka Lappi has earned the victory in WRC2 and
becomes a great favourite to add the title of the category. The pilot
finn will travel to Australia knowing that the resolution of the second
category is in his hand, in need of a podium to
to be able to overcome to Teemu Suninen, third in the Rally of Wales. Between the two
pilots has crept Pontus Tidemand
after curdle a great last day,
while quarter has ended Jan Kopecký. Marius Aasen has been the best of
with his Ford Fiesta R5 after the four riders of Skoda. For its part, the first scratch of the Hyundai i20 R5, has been eclipsed by output track of Kevin Abbring.

The victory in the WRC3 and the Junior WRC has been to
Martin Koci
, every time that the pilot Slovak has surpassed with clarity Simone
Tempestini and French and Yohan Rossel. Finally and in regard to the representation
Spanish, Jose Antonio ‘Rocket’ Suarez has finished 27th in the standings
, just ahead of the own Koci. For its part, the madrid Pepe
Lopez has closed his participation in the position of 35th and a win in the
category RC4
. However, what is more important in the absence of rivals of weight
it is the experience gained.

final Classification of the 72nd Rally of Wales GB

Position Pilot Vehicle Time / Difference
1 Sébastien Ogier Volkswagen Polo R WRC 3:14:30.2
2nd Ott Tanak Ford Fiesta RS WRC +10.2
3rd Thierry Neuville Hyundai i20 WRC +1:35.4
4th Hayden Paddon Hyundai i20 WRC +1:54.9
5th Kris Meeke Citroën DS3 WRC +2:35.2
6th Dani Sordo Hyundai i20 WRC +4:02.6
7th Jari-Matti Latvala Volkswagen Polo R WRC +4:28.3
8th Mads Ostberg Ford Fiesta RS WRC +4:38.3
9th Stéphane Lefebvre Citroën DS3 WRC +7:12.2
10th Eric Camilli Ford Fiesta RS WRC +8:19.3