Oh pass me the popcorn! In the future, your Ford autonomous will become a cinema room

Incredible, but true. A u.s. patent from the past-march 1, registered by Ford has left us patidifusos. Although many patents do not materialize, are ideas with true potential, recorded by if someone you come up with similar ideas. That is, what Ford proposes to us is to convert our autonomous car in a movie theater. Like what you hear and like what you see: a screen unrolled from the ceiling, and a projector between two seats will provide the image. Have we all gone mad?

Designed for autonomous cars, will deploy at the will of the passengers, enabling them to visualize any audio-visual content in the screen – and it would roll back when someone wanted to take over the controls of the car. Multiple providers of content – like Spotify – have already stated that the infotainment is one of the main advantages in favor of the autonomous car, not to interfere with their use and enjoyment in driving. Can you imagine watching the latest episode of your favorite series on Netflix while traveling from Madrid to Barcelona?

coche-autonomo-multas-3When a driver is at the wheel, the passengers would have to resort to other screens spread through the car. This patent also extends to the screens of infotainment in the rear view mirror. I can understand it in a reversing camera, I don’t see to see a movie. Although the appeal of watching a movie on a large screen while I travel is evident, the idea of assign fully control the car – and ignore in a conscious way everything that happens outside of the car – it seems to me terrifying.

The technology of autonomous will not be perfect, and will require human intervention for certain maneuvers, as well as constant supervision. Yes I can see screens of large dimensions for the passengers of the rear seats or integrated in the dashboard – as Volvo showed us in a prototype few months ago. It is a single patent, and in the words of Ford, tend to register many patents per year with innovative ideas. Obviously, only some come to the streets. However, the commitment by the autonomous car itself is clear.

Source: Gizmodo
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