Oh runaway! The BMW M2 has more than 500 horses

coach swiss Dähler Design & Technik presents us with a thought-provoking solution to scratching a few more horsepower over the BMW Series 2 more wild, the BMW M2 (see test BMW M2), leaving us with a power that far exceeds the BMW M4 (see comparison of the BMW M4 with the Lexus RC F), surpassing the barrier of 500 hp and reaching also accompanied by changes in its tuning.

In this way, we would find under the hood of the BMW M2, the mechanical 6-cylinder of the BMW M4 in place of the block, also of 6-cylinder, original. This block also would receive a major twist that would take it from the 431 horses to the 540 horses, increasing also their maximum torque from 550 Nm up to the 730 Nm.

By the way, accompanying this new mechanics, we find ourselves with a new endowment of brakes, with discs of 400 mm and calipers 8 pistons, a new exhaust system and some new springs for its suspension.

Dähler also offers other strengths slightly less wild and he warns us also that they are working on a BMW M2 lightened.

Recall that the BMW M2 has originally with a power of 370 horses and that is available in Spain from 62.900 euros.