Oliver Rowland expires after a controversial incident with Artem Markelov


The british pilot Oliver Rowland has taken a giant step in pursuit of the runners-up of the Formula 2 to get their second win of the season at the Hungaroring. His triumph, however, has been involved in a tremendous controversy by starring in an incident with Artem Markelov, his main rival for the victory and in the general, and that was out of the race. The event, involving no contact between the two cars, occurred in the absence of three laps to the end of the test, when Rowland was trying to defend against the rush of Markelov, who came thanks to a Safety Car.

While the Russian opened DRS on the start / finish straight, the pilot of the DAMS is displaced to the inside of the track to protect the inside. Almost immediately, Markelov reacted by moving to the same side with a maneuver more blatant. Rowland did not change their direction, consuming the most of the track, and Markelov managed to put in parallel at the exit of the pit lane. Unfortunately for him, he had no space or time to return to the track before to go on the grass, losing control of the car and impacting against the protections of the curve 1. The pilot Russian Time took his time before coming out with a lot of parsimony and to get in the car doctor for your own foot. The commissioners investigated the maneuver after the test, but determined that Rowland had not committed any offense, and the british will retain its victory.

previously, Rowland, who had inherited the pole after sanction to Charles Leclerc, lost the position in the output with Markelov, but the british regained the position at the stop on lap 11, a later that the Russian, the traffic hurt. Since that time, Rowland went on to lead with relative comfort, reaching to open a gap of 14 seconds until lap 25. In that turn, an optimistic Sergio Canamasas collided with a clueless Robert Visoiu when he tried to snatch the ninth position in the Romanian, abandoning both, and causing the above-mentioned Safety Car.


After the two dominators of the test, stood Nicholas Latifi. The canadian rider, who started in sixth position, won a place before you even start the race due to mechanical problems of your companion in the third row, Norman Born, and another on the output to pass to Antonio Fuoco. In the eighth rotation, he completed his ascension to the podium to the beat Jordan King, achievement of which we should imitate Nyck de Vries two curves later, and he came to give chase to Markelov, atacándole with hardness past the equator of the test until the first Safety Car, ending the test second after the abandonment of the Russian. De Vries, who had escaped Fuoco on the third lap, he got his third podium of the season.

behind, the great protagonist was the remontador Leclerc. Went out last for a few shims of brass in your differential, Leclerc was removed from up to eight single-seaters in the output, and to another in the same lap, to get eleven, but his race was compromised by getting stuck behind Canamasas, first, and Alexander Albon after. Like the monaco, the thai, the ninth before the pit stops, came out with a hard and resisted with incisive defenses attacks Leclerc until your stop. Resaliendo ninth after the Safety Car that Canamasas and Visoiu caused just in front of him, Leclerc broke in unison Gustav Malja, King Luca Ghiotto at the exit of turn 1, and managed to overtake Nobuharu Matsushita before the Safety Car final to finish fourth, while his teammate Fuoco disappeared after his first stop at the calar the car in the pit lane..


Matsushita, that had passed to the King on lap 15, finished in fifth place. The british would lose position with Malja a turn after. After the first Safety Car, fending Ghiotto, the pilot MP Motorsport slightly lost control while passing on the pianos of turn 4 and hit the Ralph Boschung. He finished outside the top 10 and received a penalty of 10 seconds for the maneuver. After a great start and a bad stop which canceled its overtaking Matsushita, Ghiotto knew how to fish in a raging river to finish sixth ahead of Nato, to whom the first Safety Car came from pearls to reach the area of points. Two laps after being overtaken by the French, Malja went long in turn 1, yielding the position of the pole-inverted to a Albon that surpassed Sean Gelael a lap before the Safety Car end. The pretender Santino Ferrucci would complete the top 10 after the indonesian, adding up to a point.

With his fourth position, Leclerc has managed to minimize damage, reaching 200 points. Now 54 Rowland, while the abandonment costs Markelov a disadvantage of a race with the british, 25 points, and that Latifi is closer to only 10. Something more ago, Matsushita recovered the sixth position in Nato. Tomorrow, from 10:20, the second race of the weekend, which promises strong emotions according to what is seen today.

biggest Race of the Formula 2 Hungaroring (36v)

Pos. Pilot Time / difference
1 Oliver Rowland DAMS 58:37.062
Nicholas Latifi DAMS +0.235
Nyck de Vries Rapax +0.673
Charles Leclerc PREMA Racing +1.405
5th Nobuharu Matsushita ART Grand Prix +1.633
6th Luca Ghiotto RUSSIAN TIME +2.534
7th Norman Born Pertamina Arden +3.079
8th Alexander Albon ART Grand Prix +3.350
9th Sean Gelael Pertamina Arden +3.911
10th Santino Ferrucci Trident +4.238
11º Louis Delétraz Racing Engineering +6.627
12º Ralph Boschung Fields Racing +7.550
13º Nabil Jeffri Trident +8.179
14º Sérgio Sette Câmara MP Motorsport +9.069
15 Gustav Malja Racing Engineering +9.462
16º Jordan King MP Motorsport +16.126
17 Artem Markelov RUSSIAN TIME v33 (Accident)
SERGIO CANAMASAS Rapax v24 (Accident)
Robert Visoiu Campos Racing v24 (Accident)
Antonio Fuoco PREMA Racing v11 (Hydraulic)

overall Classification of the Formula 2 2017 (round 7 11)

Position Pilot Puntos
Charles Leclerc Prema Racing 200
2nd Oliver Rowland DAMS 146
3rd Artem Markelov Russian Time 121
4th Nicholas Latifi DAMS 111
5th Luca Ghiotto Russian Time 94
6th Nobuharu Matsushita ART Grand Prix 76
7th Norman Born Pertamina Arden 73
8th Alexander Albon ART Grand Prix 63
9th Nyck de Vries Rapax 62
10th Jordan King MP Motorsport 49
11th Gustav Malja Racing Engineering 28
12 Antonio Fuoco Prema Racing 23
13th SERGIO CANAMASAS Trident / Rapax 21
14th Johnny Cecotto, Jr. Rapax 16
15 Ralph Boschung Campos Racing 11
16th Sergey Sirotkin ART Grand Prix 9
17 Sean Gelael Pertamina Arden 5
18 Santino Ferrucci Trident 1