On September 9, Hyundai will open its third experience centre

Hyundai Logo brand image it is very important for any company and any industry. However, in all sectors not influences both the image of the brand, as it can diluted among other factors, and not be a priority at the time of purchasing the product that the company markets. However, the automotive industry is one of the most critical with respect to the image that project brands towards the outside.

This element is very important because if the image of the brand is questioned by the public will cost you your survival in the future. Therefore Hyundai, aware that its brand image and car manufacturer it is important for your sales to grow and keep on the path they’re going, open next Friday day 9 his third center of brand experiences. This center will be located in the south Korean city of Hanam about 36 kilometers from Seoul, the capital of South Korea.

Hyundai IONIQThe first center Motorstudio that Hyundai opened to the public what was in Seoul. The purpose was the creation of this center was join culture of South Korea with the car. To do this, the brand created a space dedicated to the creation and experimentation in which visitors can learn about the car and its industry in a context different from the traditional. To achieve this, the brand proposes situations inspired by the music, art and different interactive activities.

Thanks to the good reception that had the first centre, Hyundai decided to bet on to create more places experiences in some of the most important cities in the world. The second center that was opened was the Hyundai Motorstudio Moscow. This center, like that of Seoul focuses on joining the regional culture (in this case, the Russian) with the world of the automobile.

The third centre that, Hyundai Motor will open will be located in their own country, and will follow the same theme that gives life to the previous two. The center Motorstudio of Seoul will have 442 square metres and allow visitors to feel different experiences, all related to Hyundai Motor. This center is located in a new cultural center that will have a business seat and a commercial center.

According to Won-Hong Cho, Executive Vice president of Hyundai Motor, in the center Hyundai Motorstudio of Hanam will be able to transmit to the customer and visitor the evolution future technologies movilidad, as well as the research carried out to improve it. The first step is to know the evolution of the model IONIQ and its importance for the brand and the mobility of the future.

Source – Hyundai