On the safety of the sport


crash Test of overlap of 25% of the Chevrolet Camaro

One of the recent results of EuroNCAP has raised such a dust, Ford Mustang, designed to be sold around the world, has only been taken out two-star EuroNCAP. It gets to a level lower than the Citroën Xsara, a design with more than 20 years. That is the reasoning, right?

STOP! No, it is not so, and this must explain it

To start, ratings EuroNCAP have validity within the same segment, and since a few years ago, they have validity according to the year in which it is issued. That is to say, to compare 2 star EuroNCAP 2016 with the 1997 is like comparing apples with watermelons. In the two cases we’re talking about fruit. The good results are each time more difficult.

The Ford Mustang has had exactly the same problem as the Renault Mégane III, which went from being the car more sure of your category to get only three stars for a change of criteria. The existence or not of driving aids varied a lot the result, with the structural strength exactly the same. Paradoxically, the car was even more secure, but happened what happened.


The Renault Mégane went from 5 to 3 stars for changes of criteria in the evaluation

cars as the Ford Mustang are, by definition, exclusive and low sales (unless you talk about the u.s. market, where it is relatively easy to see.) There are very few sports that caliber in circulation, so that its impact on road safety is relative.

If we have to make an association of sports and accidents, we have to separate necessarily what is attributable to the own car, and what is attributable to the person driving. We all should know, at this point, that does not have the same chance of having an accident driving a Mustang as if it was a Megane, driving a Mégane as if it were a Mustang.

The sports have, at least as a general rule, an active safety higher than the average. Have better tires, better suspensions, center of gravity, lower, power to save complicated situations… but esa advantage has always felt, and when you drive responsibly. When you produce the excesses is when we see pictures of cars traps. Wrecked Exotics is full of examples.


The low percentages in child protection, and security technologies justify the bad result

on the other hand, we speak of a segment in the passive safety is not a design element as decisive, the form and function are at a level more consistent. It obviously is designed to withstand shock and to comply with the safety regulations (EuroNCAP is voluntary, the approval goes apart) but let’s say that is not the priority as a minivan, which will go to children.

Are cars that care more about the design, features, performance, honor curves, straight lines or a few elements of design legacy. engineers prefer to make light structures, and if they win the torsional stiffness is more thinking about the behavior in curve that in the event of an accident.

The results of the crash tests in the united States demonstrate that the safety of this type of cars is improving, but cometermos a serious mistake if we make parallels between sport and normal cars, and currents. And now as to speak of something more exclusive, like an Aston Martin or a Ferrari, more concerned about the cost of the repair of a fin than the accident itself. Or not, depends on the lights of the one who leads.


So is the Dodge Challenger in the same test that the Camaro in the first picture, gives the worst result being a design that is more old

we must Not get the hands to the head because a new car does not have the equipment in safety more pointer in order to avoid distractions, drowsiness, crosswalks clueless or that the owner doesn’t knows how to maintain the safety distance. Are cars scarce in number and are less dangerous than any model of massive sale.

If the statistics blamed on an increased accident rate has more to do with the fact that there is a donkey sitting in the driver’s seat with the design of the car. It is the same as speaking of power, it does not matter that a Mustang can have more than 300 HP, but how many are being used for situations of circulation usual.

The result of EuroNCAP on the Mustang can be much improved with more safety equipment, certainly, and also it should improve a little in protection of pedestrians and child passengers. Hence to consider that it is dangerous, there is a world. I Feel daily for my safety more violated by utility 70 HP that the Mustang, that at most I see one every month. And what about in your case?