Once more, discovered the mule of the McLaren 675LT Spider

At the beginning of the year, the whole world was astonished with the presentation of the McLaren 675LT. An improved version and long of your sports access, manufactured in a very limited series of units. Now, and certainly with the birth of the new year, the british brand wants to surprise us, this time in format convertible, with the McLaren 675LT Spider.


ahead not seen any aesthetic change with respect to the 650S

just two weeks Ago we saw the circular by the south of Spain. On this occasion Barcelona, and its center of development, applus + idiada, have been the scene of the capture. Despite the fact that there are few differences between the two units, the truth is that there is, being the last to show up that is more complete.

When we discover for the first time to the 675LT Spider not realized that she was close to be finalized, however we were missing details to finish off. Auctions that, on this occasion, if we concluded, such as the outputs of the exhaust and the rear bumper. Both elements seem to be definitive.

Is to say that both elements does not seem to be anything to his twin brother hardtop. Is more, seem to be components of the series of the McLaren 650S, a model that is part of the version LongTail. However, it is soon to take it for granted, because his presentation is not scheduled until next year, probably at the Geneva motor show.


The rear is different to the 675LT, although you can still change

Where no changes are expected is in the section motor. That is to say that under the rear hood will be an engine V8 3.8-liter 675 HP and 700 Nm of torque. It is the most powerful engine manufactured by McLaren today, if we do not consider the hybrid P1 clear. All this power will be limited once more to a low production, as like its twin, it does not circulate more than 500 units throughout the world.