Once upon a beetle stuck to an aircraft engine (video) of


We love the auto disparities. ┬┐Giant engines in small cars? Yes please. Why we love this creation. There is nothing new, but we thought interesting to echo this car crazy. It is a old Volkswagen Beetle , without gas, which the owner of a motorcycle shop in North Carolina decided to provide a gigantic radial seven-cylinder engine with more than 70 years behind, from … a tank.

Perhaps the weight distribution is not their strong point. The full weight hanging from the rear.

Do not go in older aircraft radial engines? Yes, but this engine specifically – one W670 -9A seven cylinders manufactured by Continental – was also used in the US tanks M2. With a total displacement of 11 liters, only develops 220 hp and weighs a whopping 245 kg . His boot is an extremely complex process, and works with propane. At first, his owner wanted to attach a transmsi├│n the engine, but decided it was not a good idea to add more weight to the rear.

Therefore, it has been fitted with a propeller of almost 1.2 meters in diameter. Video carries the clutch housing tank for demonstration purposes only. His start is tortuous and leaves behind a huge cloud of smoke of burning oil. His owner wanted to take it to Bonneville but the poor condition of the salt in the last two editions did not allow its conclusion. But if there is something impressive, it is said that pilots this machine on the roads near his home . Imagine arriving at the ITV with such a machine …

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