One million euros! Aston Martin Lagonda Taraf costs the same as two Rolls-Royce Phantom

An error of a dealer has enabled the price that will have the Aston Martin Lagonda Taraf in Europe. This luxury superberlina rivals the best of England: Rolls-Royce Phantom and Bentley Mulsanne. Although originally was designed only to the Middle East in mind – look at his name – seems that Aston Martin has achieved its European approval. European consumers can now have money, yes. It seems to cost whopping 696,000 pounds . We speak of almost one million euros.

This car is worth a million euros?

For its price you could buy two Rolls-Royce Phantom long battle.

Possibly not, but we must not forget that the definition of price is not the value of an asset is the amount of money an individual is willing to pay for an asset at a certain time. We understand that Aston Martin thinks he superberlina market for this price. However, it is a very high price for that kind of money can buy two Rolls-Royce Phantom long wheelbase and almost three Bentley Mulsanne . The Aston Martin Vulcan only costs more than 400,000 euros Lagonda Taraf.

aston-martin-lagonda-taraf-ginebra-2015-mdm-02-1440px I begin to think that Aston Martin has made a mistake. The Taraf is built on the Aston Martin VH platform , released by the DB9 in the far 2004. Its engine is nothing new: the 6.0 V12 all twelve-cylinder Aston Martin have been used for over 10 years, in this case with a final power of 560 hp. The engine is identical to the Rapide S, which is supposed to achieve a top speed of 320 km / h. Still a rear-drive vehicle with automatic gearbox six relations.

However, the Aston Martin Lagonda Taraf is a special car more than a Rapide S. Only 200 units will be manufactured and make the special division that has manufactured and Vantage Vulcan GT12 . The customization of each unit will be complete, thanks to the program – name inspired by James Bond – “Q by Aston Martin”. The interior is luxurious, British. Each piece is upholstered by hand, each timber, each metal piece, carefully set in place by the artisans of Gaydon. The wheel keeps out of tune, though.

aston-martin-lagonda-taraf-ginebra-2015-mdm-18-1440px Each body panel is carbon fiber, and takes 16 hours painted. This sports sedan is 5.40 meters in length more than a sedan, is an ode to the philosophy of Aston Martin . But it remains to be seen whether customers are willing to pay a whopping one million euros for a unit.

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Source: Autocar
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