One of the 24 units of the Aston Martin Vulcan will go on auction in August

Aston Martin VulcanAlthough one unit of the Aston Martin Vulcan had already been put up for sale, this is the first time that this model is available in a auction. The exclusive supercar of the English house try her luck in an event of this type in August, appointment organized by the house Mecum Auctions. This event will be held in Monterey, California, and it is expected that the revenue that is obtained by this model exceeds two million euros.

The Aston Martin Vulcan has been created to devour the curves of a circuit. The model of the English house can’t compare it to other supercars on the market because it is not based on a road version. Its construction is completed in carbon-fiber body that allows it to be very lightweight and dynamic. Below it we find a mechanical V12 naturally aspirated with a 7.0-liter cubicaje that is able to perform a total power of 820 HP.

Aston Martin VulcanThe production of the Vulcan has been limited to 24 units, among which one will be auctioned next month of August in an event organized by the house Mecum Auctions, as I announced in the previous lines. Although a unit that had previously been put on sale in the united States had a price that was around at 3.13 billion euros, it is expected that the unit auctioned off in boots to about two million euros, and finish the overtaking them.

just a month ago that the 24 units of the Aston Martin Vulcan were delivered to their owners and already auction one of them. Of series, the model had a price of 1.8 million euros. Despite the fact that it is not approved to tread on the road, the company RML announced a few days ago is working on a kit so that you can shoot on the open road.