One of the BMW i3 Police roman ends up being flames


Image: Gruppo MC Veicoli Speciali

last year, BMW and the City of Rome came to an agreement by which four units of the BMW i3 would form part of the fleet of the local Police. An agreement satisfactory to both parties until the Saturday, when one of the units ended up, mysteriously, being lost to a fire.

nothing Is known about the reasons why the BMW i3 ended up enveloped in smoke, but given the speed with which they acted as Police officers no-one was hurt, no major damage. However the unit was completely destroyed as the smoke ended up becoming a flame of considerable size.

As we say they are unaware of the reasons that led to such destruction, but everything points to overheating of any cable or electrical component that in the end it ended up causing a fire. Throw out the batteries, because they are located under the car and can be seen as one of the agents directed the extinguisher to another part of the car.

Be that as it may the Police already has a i3 less. Obviously, the unit may not be or repaired, as the fire ended up devouring almost the car completely. The city Hall has already ordered an investigation to know what was the reason of the fire. A question that should be clarified since the i3 is used in other bodies of the Police as the Los Angeles.