One of the few GM Futurliner for sale after being restored


The GM Futurliner is one of the first, in addition to most iconic and recognizable concept cars in the history. Created by General Motors at the end of the decade of the thirties, was created exclusively as a show car. At the time that Car shows were still a new phenomenon, companies like GM were counting on to show the possibilities of their then recent design departments with prototypes that were exhibited at road shows organized by the company itself.

In the case of the Futurliner, this was created for the New York World’s Fair, but then employees for the tour “Parade of Progress”, a showcase mobile and itinerant one that showed the benefits of progress and the new technology of the american corporation.

In total were created in 12 copies, which is believed to only survive 9 of them, while two remain missing. Its historical importance is such that continues to be one of the 10 american cars more expensive of the history. In 2015, the Futurliner number 11 was sold by 4.32 million dollars.


In its interior it houses a shop window removable, this copy with an engine aircraft.

The case of the exemplary images, which bears the number of the frame number 3, was the protagonist of an extensive restoration of 18 months which took place between 2013 and 2014, which was registered in the tv show “Bitchin’ Rides”.

Originally, the unit number 3 had a as the target exposure “Power for the Air Age”, and in the cellar showed an aircraft engine Allison J-35. This leviathan is of 10 metres long by 2.40 metres wide and 3.35 metres high weighed more than 12 tons and had a six-cylinder engine in line and 5.0 liters.

One of the curiosities of this model is that despite being born under the GMC, carried in his huge front the initials GM, one of the few occasions that a vehicle has ported these acronyms. The first time it was marketed a model under these acronyms was the GM EV1 electric of the years ninety.


there are Only 9 of the 12 original, although 2 are still missing.

The restoration works have been complete and profound, as can be seen in the images of the workshop Kindig-it Design and the end result has been able to verify the time it has been exhibited in Salt Lake City since then. Currently, the Futurliner #3 is on sale for American Classics and Hot Rods, in Newberg, Oregon.