One of the last McLaren F1 produced is put up for sale. A unique opportunity, I accompanied a price of eight figures!

The spectacular McLaren F1 is considered to be the best supercar of the 90s – and of the story by not a few. Its production was limited to 106 units, of which only 64 were cars destined for the streets. McLaren goes on sale today, one of the last F1 street produced, in the distant year 1998. The halo of exclusivity of this car has hardly any comparison, and very few units changing hands. Its market value is estimated to be between 10 and 12 million euros.

Designed by Gordon Murray, has been one of the few supercars configuration triplaza.

And a unit can be yours. McLaren goes on sale the F1 chassis #069, one of the last F1 street produced by the brand. Only 4 more units left the production facilities after this unit. The unit is in retail management on the part of McLaren – belongs to a client – and its condition is practically new. Has only 2.800 miles on the odometer (less than 5,000 kms) and has always been maintained by McLaren Special Operations Heritage, who considers his current state as almost factory.


The car is painted in a hue known as Carbon Black and the magnesium wheels of the car have also been obscured. The result is a look that threatening, for that is one of the most beautiful cars of the decade without a doubt. The interior of the car is a marvel. Everything has been upholstered in Alcantara black, and the bucket of the conductor is coated in a mixture of black leather and red. The seats of the two companions are of Alcantara, and all of them can be seen part of its structure out of carbon fiber.

Its maximum speed was 387 km/h. A figure still amazing today, a record without equal in the 90’s.

There is something really powerful in the cockpit of the McLaren F1. Is its simplicity, its focus towards the only goal that is relevant in the McLaren F1, the nirvana behind the wheel. The car is sold along with the book numbered “Driving Ambition”, the official story of the McLaren F1. As could not be otherwise, includes the luxurious game tools French light, and the wrist watch created by TAG Heuer that he would give with the purchase of a F1 – and this watch comes with the chassis number of the car engraved in your area.

mclaren-f1-venta-6On its mechanics – the legendary S70/2 – no surprise that we don’t know. It is a fantastic V12 engine of 6.1 liters. A maximum torque and maximum power produced by BMW Motorsport, whose power was impressive 627 HP. In 1992, associated with an empty weight of less than 1200 kgs, did the 0 to 100 km/h in 3,6 seconds. An impressive figure for a car with a manual gearbox. At the time, was one of the first to have a chassis monocoque carbon fiber, preceded by very little by the Bugatti EB110.

If your current account allows it, you can be the owner of this F1. The price is “to be consulted”. But considering that the market prices are between 10 and 12 million euros, you can get the idea. We can only hope that the new owner take him out to walk a little more. Less than 5,000 km it is a shame for a thoroughbred, as this F1.


Source: McLaren
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