One of the Opel Astra most exclusive of the world is on Ebay… and yes, it is the drive that used Top Gear

From Ebay comes a new finding and is not, on this occasion, is not an unlikely supercar or a classic, brand new, but we have found with the Opel Astra or better said, the Vauxhall Astra, employee for Top Gear in his proof of the “car of reasonable price”.

By now its price on auction is below what it would cost us an Opel Astra new:

For his seat have past guests such as Benedict Cumberbatch

The bid of this particular Opel Astra is currently in the 9.600 pounds, a little more than € 13,000, so that still has not been triggered the price of this particular unit, which surely reaches a few thousands of euros more.

This unit has less than 5,000 km, 4.680 km to be more exact and under its hood beats the petrol engine of 1.6 liter and 115 horses.

in Addition, we cannot lose sight of that inside their seats, have been replaced by backets and that also we find a roll cage. From the program they are honest and warn you that you have “some small marks of use”.

If you want a “piece of the legendary program… this is an opportunity more interesting than buy a cup with the face of Stig.