One-shot: so we live our roadtrip with a BMW M4 Cabrio in Madrid, Cordoba, Almeria and Granada #GarajeDiariomotor

Five pm. The end of July, almost August, and Juanma and I are standing at the foot of a small canyon of almería. Before us a picture worthy of the Death Valley, in California, but not, we are in the desert of Tabernas, in Almeria. If you’ve already read the proof of BMW M4 Cabrio we have a bonus track in the form of a small selection of images.

BMW M4 Cabrio only takes 4.4 seconds to reach 100 km/h from a standing start.

A 6-cylinder supercharged 431 horses, the possibility to enjoy your driving without the roof and a great tuning of your chassis in addition to a beautiful setting where the red leather contrasted by the carbon fiber requires our attention on a painting blue moves half way between a tone matte and a shade pearl. Perfect.

ahead a day to go Madrid to Cordoba, Cordoba to Almeria and Almeria to Granada before returning to the capital. The desert of Tabernas, the secondary roads close to the Guadalquivir river, Villa del Rio, the sunsets of Cabo de Gata, Rodalquilar, the spectacular Sierra Nevada road… around to find the best shots, to get to know the BMW M4 Cabrio.

what The price of this vitaminado sin? Little more than € 100,000 that lead us to think of evil things with the Porsche 911, which will not be convertible, but it is a 911, while we await the arrival of a new Audi RS5 Cabrio and, for the first time, the Mercedes-AMG C 63 Cabrio.

Now, a look at the back of the proof of BMW M4 Cabrio:

Villa of the River. Cordoba. First stop on our trip and first shots.

Not a man, not for both. Its average consumption is between 10 and 11 litres per 100 km

From Cordoba, our intention was to go down directly to Rodalquilar to do a session in their abandoned mine. By the way, we decided to change destination and stop in the desert of Tabernas:

Spectacular landscapes of the Tabernas desert:

The “not” managed to deafen the sound of the 6 cylinders:

¿We was hurting too much sun of the desert… or was it really a cowboy that appeared on the horizon?

it Turned out that the cowboy was a faithful follower of the brand. A burned, one of our own:

Time to head to the Cabo de Gata, don hood off!

The Cabo de Gata welcomes us with a spectacular sunset:

The hour of the dinner we take over. A rice stew is waiting for us in la Isleta del Moro:

No, No we went to the Nürburgring with the M4… but what we have in our list of roadtrips outstanding:

And from there direct to the Sierra Nevada. Juanma has thought of a photo with the Milky Way in the background:

Back home and recent photos of details to finish…

How would it sound to a BMW M4? Dale al play:

Only a few days later, after saying goodbye to the M4… would get an M3 in our garage. But that is another story.

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