One step closer to a world without wires: Toyota teams up with MIT to develop artificial intelligence in their cars

If we think that the future of the automotive industry is so simple, yes, simple as cars that are able to move from a point X to point Y-drive, we could not be more wrong. Initiatives such as the Google Car are just the tip of the iceberg. The giant leap for the automotive industry, and probably humanity, will come with the development of artificial intelligence . The autonomous car will sense only when its technology enjoy true artificial intelligence. And probably, when that day comes, we will have signed the death, for all purposes, the concept of human driver. Toyota knows . And perhaps finish that advertise a new research project to be undertaken by the famous Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Stanford University , to advance the development of artificial intelligence applied to autonomous car .

machines: 1 Humanity: 0. Elon Musk puts expiration date drivers

Toyota will invest a total of $ 50 million to launch this project which aims to advance according to many researchers, and our opinion as expressed in the first paragraph, completely transformed the automobile industry.

The next major step forward for the industry, especially in regard to safety, will come at the time that the decision is in charge of machines capable of “reason” and act more quickly than us poor and imperfect humans. For which needed something more than cars able to take the controls, interact with their environment and follow directions of GPS .


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The greatest fear of Elon Musk is … the Rise of the Machines!

In recent years there have been great advances in the field of artificial intelligence . To the point that perhaps we should take seriously the views of those like Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking, they signed a manifesto and started to devote resources to prevent the artificial intelligence destroys humanity. DeepMind, a company acquired by Google in 2014, has already developed neural network capable of learning to play old Atari video game. You may not impress seen so much, but we’re probably talking about one of the biggest advances in creating learning processes whose machines resemble the behavior of the human mind itself.

The aim of the project is none other than Toyota getting autonomous car technology beyond , get anticipate events based on different stimuli; gather information, process it, and extract their own “lesson” to improve their “decisions” in the future; create predictive models that can predict the behavior of humans, or other machines; and, in short, make the road a safer place for humans.

The bad news is that maybe at that point in our cars smarter (and probably insurance) that we humans, we can not allow a security breach as important as letting humans continue driving. And maybe we should give reason to Elon Musk, who already clinched the drivers are called to extinction.

Source: MIT
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machines: 1 Humanity: 0. Elon Musk puts expiration date drivers

The greatest fear of Elon Musk is … the Rise of the Machines!

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