Only 250 Ford GT will be built per year


We will have to wait even for the Ford GT production in the streets, to be precise until end of 2016 , but for frothing no lack of rigor drip details and the comings and goings of a prototype as soon passing through the circuit of Jarama in Madrid, and paraded through the streets of London mounted on a truck.

is still unknown how many units will be produced in total. We should note that the GT 2005 only 4,000 units were produced.

The final details to get have to do with their production is that since Autocar warns that production of the Ford GT will be only 250 units per year , being still unknown how many end units will occur.

It is still unknown how many units will arrive in Europe of those 250 units a year, few come to Spain. From the British media it was mentioned that about 18 drives may be designed each year to the UK market, a market which incidentally is quite “friendly” for sports alternatives.

Autocar also mentioned that the price for the UK market, which could be giving us a good view of the price for our market, will be around 240,000 pounds, to change, some 343,000 euros .

Recall that Ford GT will occur in Canada and that under that impressive, aerodynamic face in which no lack of carbon fiber and will be well accompanied by details like carbocerámicos brakes or engine will be an adaptive suspension EcoBoost V6 biturbo of 600 horses .

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