Only for rednecks: Chevrolet will sell the Silverado Spec Ops with camo pseudo-military

In the SEMA Show Las Vegas – about a month ago – Chevrolet introduced its Silverado Spec Ops Concept. It is a pick-up of entertainment based on the Silverado 1500 conventional, which is distinguished by a kit aesthetic inspired by the forces of elite americans. Are not my words, it is the verbiage of marketing of General Motors. This results in an aspect, pseudo-military that becomes crazy rednecks across the united States. Chevrolet happy with his production in series.

Part of the benefit of each unit is donated to the museum of the Navy Seals americans. ‘Murica!

Yes, you can purchase a Silverado from a dealership with a camouflage-type military, blue colors. The camouflage is called “Razzle Dazzle” and was developed by the navy more than a century ago. These Silverado equipped with serial the pack off-road Z71, consisting of a system of all-wheel drive, undercarriage and reinforced an aggressive aesthetic, with bumpers to look tough and bars in the rear of the car. wheels blacked out and the tires off-road series are exclusive to the version Spec Ops.

in Addition, this pick-up mounted an admission and an exhaust system sports – read, with a sound more badass – for your engine 5.3 V8 355 CV developed by Chevrolet Performance. A braking system is strengthened and additional lighting in the form of LEDs placed on the calender a complete pack of the aesthetic of the more militarized. The calender has shades of matte black and on the inside, the door handles are orange in color, in imitation of the button of ejection of a military aircraft. The military will have additional discounts in your purchase.

Few things are more american I can think of…

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