Onslaught Mugen for the latest models of Honda (Civic Type R included)


Honda Civic Type R 2015 Mugen

Historically, the association of the name ‘Mugen’ and ‘Honda’ have given great results, giving birth to some of the models of the manufacturer nippon most radical ever seen. And this will continue soon: the latest models of Honda will have their corresponding preparation on the part of Mugen.

In the next Tokyo Auto Salon tuning, Mugen will be showcasing no less than five different preparations. The model’s most eye-catching of them all is without a doubt the Honda Civic Type R Mugen that we will show in the images. Has not been made known if there will also be mechanical upgrades and more power, but its external appearance it will be even more samurai.

About the new Civic Type R, Mugen incorporates a aerodynamic kit-body that stands out for an adjustable rear spoiler and a completely different design to that of the standard model. There is a new diffuser and a single exhaust outlet, in contrast to the quad-mouth of the Type R standard.


Honda HR-V Mugen

side Skirts, alloy wheels or a spoiler lower front are other developments of a preparation that is destined in advance to become one of the most prominent of the compact, to cast long shadows, for example, that Civic Type R RevoZport.

Not will end up here what’s new: there will also be a Honda Vezel by Mugen, wearing the aero kit, a new front grille and exterior paint Premium Crystal Network. Let us remember that the Honda Vezel is the name that it adopts in Japan, the Honda HR-V which is marketed here, so that this preparation for the compact SUV will also be following this with interest.

finally, Mugen also shows two different customizations aesthetic for the Honda S660, which the small ‘kei car’ is dressed in a style more aggressive, willing to win over the younger audience with their new body parts.


Honda S660 for Mugen