OPC Line Sport Pack, more aggressive visual for the new Opel Astra

Ford has its ST Line, SEAT has its FR series, BMW has the packs M… multitude of manufacturers offer kits aesthetic for their models best sellers, aimed to increase its attractiveness and sportiness, typically from a visual point of view. Although some modified details of mechanical and undercarriage, the proposed Model focuses only on pleasing our eyes. We have the interesting OPC Line Sport Pack, a bodystyling for the new Opel Astra, perhaps giving us a clue that future OPC version.

The cost of this OPC Line Sport Pack is 1,150 euros.

The body kit is composed of a few new front bumper, which replace the fog lights for a few aggressive cuts in the plastic. skirts side are closer to the ground, while at the back has moved the location of the catadióptricos rear and installed a sort of diffuser decorative plastic dark. The tuition is framed in this bumper with some prominence. Perhaps the future Opel Astra OPC has a similar appearance, more exarcebado.

opel-astra-opc-sport-pack-6This OPC Line Sport Pack has a cost 1,150 euros – at least in the German market – and we still don’t know dates of marketing in our country. Can be ordered to match exterior paint, in six metallic shades (Sovereign Silver, Dark Caramel, Cosmic Grey, Deep Sky Blue, Mineral Black and Emerald Green), as well as two-tone paint, Absolute Network, and Summit White – this is the color that appears in the images of this article. For the moment, only available in bodywork of five doors.

Source: Carscoops