Opel, a brand only for electric cars? is it possible to?


Opel Ampera-e

Karl-Thomas Neumann, the head of Opel and its sub-brand Vauxhall (Uk), it would take months working on this strategy, according to the German magazine. there is No official confirmation of this information, but at least we can consider it as a reasonable plan.

The emblem of Opel is a lightning bolt going through a circle, so that part of the work would already be done. Jokes aside, with the growing climate of hostility towards gasoline cars and diesel conventional, it’s smart to anticipate a future in which the internal combustion engine will be banned in the cities.

right Now there is a brand generalist who only offer electric models pure. Volkswagen, which has a very ambitious plan, intended to the electric involving the fourth part of their sales by 2025, including plug-in hybrids. The plan of Neumann would be even more ambitious, and before you reach that horizon, he would have as two Opel, the old and the new (100% electric).


Opel Flextreme Concept

electric mobility is being driven largely by the alliance between Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi, that have the highest volume of worldwide sales of pure electric and plug-in hybrids. Opted for this technology 10 years ago and now Nissan Leaf, Renault ZOE and Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV are petando in their respective segments.

The plan, Neumann was drawing while the leaders of Detroit began to consider what to sell Opel to the French (PSA Group). The socket of an Automobile 100% electric within a conglomerate PSA-Opel is likely, yes, but I would bid you the greatest of successes. You only need to remember the lack of marksmanship that PSA has had in hybrid and electric in recent years, with some trading results very poor. Yes, have tried.

with the key it is complicated. Manufacturers first started taking customised versions, that is to say, models-designed initially as a conventional and then adapted to electric. It is not the most efficient, but it is much cheaper. Opel risked a lot by throwing the Ampera, a model developed in conjunction with Chevrolet, which had the Volt. It was an extended range electric that was ahead 5-10 years to market.


Opel Ampera

This model had a serious problem, a price above € 40,000, even though it was well-equipped, and in full economic crisis. Outside of the united States the results have been discrete. Opel will try again with the Ampera-e, 100% electric, that will be the generalist of a greater autonomy of the market thanks to its 60 kWh battery. The opponent that most about it is the Renault ZOE with 41 kWh. The German -manufactured in the USA – will come clearly far more per charge.

From here to 13 years is no time to go pulling out of the ranges the conventional models and go by inserting electric and hybrid, but the market has to paste a big change in tastes for that to be justifiable. If Opel focuses on models 100% electric available resources to evolve mechanical conventional is going to mermarse, so that the abandonment of the diesel will have to be one of the ways. And that grieves a lot of the staff.

right Now, Opel has no hybrid, and its only power will come from the united States by boat. A lot of things need to change for a mark of both volume as the Opel -and, eye, that it is not yet cost – effective- able to pass a model 100% electric. Being Neumann a good executive, I think that your plan is as minimum as possible, but does not cease to be a strategic move very risky, which give the glory or lead you to bankruptcy.


Elektro Opel GT

A review of the electromobility of Opel

The Opel Ampera was the first electric that Opel put on the streets, but over the years they made multiple experiments. The parent company, General Motors, has tried almost any new technology since the 60’s. For example, in 1971 he made an appearance the Elektro Opel GT, a prototype that achieved a speed record of its time, 240 km/h, as well as four world records for electric cars.

In 1992 appeared the Twin Concept, a car with engines interchangeable on the rear, that could have an electric part to the habitual use of it, and when he wanted to travel, was dismantled and docked with a small three-cylinder engine of gasoline. Another 100% electric was a prototype of Opel Meriva only with the electrical part of the Ampera (without generator), used as a demonstrator of technology.

The following year there was another proposal, the Rak e concept, a quadricycle, 100% electric. In regards to hybrids, remember that a prototype of Opel Astra GTC with engine 1.7 CDTI engine and electric motor, interesting, but did not reach production. In 2010 we introduced the Flextreme GT/E Concept, a four-door coupé with a hybrid engine.


Opel Meriva MeRegio

In summary, the Opel this of the electricity and lightning sounds, but from there to be a brand of 100% electric there is a stretch enormous.