Opel Adam Rocks S, how much does it cost?: halfway between a Nissan Juke, a MINI Convertible and a Ford Fiesta ST

With a peculiar approach, the Opel Adam Rocks S, the version of “country” and sports of the Opel Adam, is situated half way of the SUV small, like the Nissan Juke and half way of the sport versions of the Volkswagen Polo or the SEAT Ibiza, offering an interesting claim for those who want a different car, well served of power, with eye-catching details and roof convertible.

we tell You all the details of the Opel Adam Rocks S in the article “Opel ADAM Rocks: a mini GTI 150 CV, with aspect campero and canvas roof,” but how much does it cost this sweetened Opel Adam?

The Opel Adam Rocks S have a starting price of 23.195 euros, a price that currently has a discount of 2.356 euros, which leaves us with a final price of 20.839 euros that can still be reduced if we have the contribution of the Plan PIVE.

let us Recall that this model has a petrol engine of 150 horses, associated to a manual change-specific, approach is more sporty and which also comes topped by few suspensions sobrelevadas, wheel arches without paint and a canvas roof convertible.

Between your equipment we find alloy wheels, climate control, aesthetic details sports exterior, aluminum pedal, the multimedia system IntelliLink and sports seats Recaro.