Opel already has a price: $ 2.000 million


Emblem of Opel in one of the walls of its headquarters.

You have known more details of the talks between General Motors and PSA for the purchase of Opel, according to some sources, the american corporation I would have rated Opel/Vauxhall for a total of $ 2 trillion, that are really 2,000 million dollars or 1.884 million euros at the current exchange rate.

This is the amount that is on the negotiating table and is divided into two studs, on the one hand 1.000 million dollars in cash, in cold hard cash, and another 1,000 million in accrued liabilities.

The state of the talks is very advanced, responsible GM would have travelled even to Europe to calm the various national bodies to which you are concerned about the departure of Opel/Vauxhall of the american corporation. Even though the state of them is secret for the moment, some sources close to the negotiations claim that the agreement is very close and that in a few days there could be a resolution. Next Thursday is the date on which the PSA group revealed its earnings report for the exercise 2016.


Plant of Vauxhall in Ellesmere Port, Great Britain.


Has been the own Mary Barra, CEO of General Motors, which has assured employees and shareholders that after the possible sale, Opel and Vauxhall would remain an independent entity. This is the first and so far the only clue of what was going to happen after a possible merger with PSA-Opel, which would mean that at least for the moment, the current division of GM in Europe would continue to act as until now.

What we don’t know for the moment would be the operation and the symbiosis between the two companies, Opel and PSA, which we assume would begin immediately on a process of profound internal restructuring, to begin to share not only platforms, but all of your technology.

The biggest question over this deal is the positioning of the
ranges of the future. We have already spoken at length about this, currently
all of the brands involved in this agreement aim precisely to the
same segments
, with a strong presence in the segments A, B, C and D, and
positioned with a very generalist.