Opel already has in Europe its Ampera-e and its range will be as well

Opel Ampera-E vista frontal

If there’s one thing to acknowledge Opel is that they were pioneers at the time of launch to the market an electric vehicle with extended-range. The first generation of the Opel Ampera and Chevrolet Volt seeded the way that today begins the second generation of the model of the home of the lightning. However, as we already know the features and technical characteristics of the new Ampera-and little or nothing to do with the first one.

Now the Opel Ampera-e is more versatile and the capacity of your batteries allows for greater autonomy. Best of all is that by positioning will be much closer to the Leaf of Nissan that of the sedans average. This is why its creators have decided to position it too close to the model japanese on price and technical characteristics. As proof of this we need to your marketing european is taking place in Norway and with a very attractive price.

Opel Ampera-E vista trasera

As we have already said, Norway will be the first country in Europe to receive the Opel Ampera-e and what does with a starting price from 33,800 euros. After this country will come to the rest of the european markets and there if that could have variations in its price. In addition will also take into account that not all the countries of the common area have the same policy to encourage the sale of electric vehicles and therefore each country will have a different rate.

configuration settings you have chosen Opel to put on sale the Ampera-e in Norway is formed by a single finish that incidentally is more than well equipped. Its name is Premium, and between the main elements, which features are the six airbags, braking system autonomous emergency warning system with collision avoidance and assisted parking. In addition to no shortage, as usual, a powerful infotainment system with touch screen up to 10-inches, bi-xenon headlamps, parking brake, automatic or keyless entry and start.

need to be attentive to your launch in our country as well as the rates that will be available. It will not take long.

Source – Opel

Opel Ampera
From 47.680 euro