Opel also wants to tricks: to be announced all its consumption to actual 2016

The case Volkswagen is already having consequences, immediate, and not just those that affect the huge group automobile German. Transparency has become one of the major priorities of the manufacturers, that in the face of doubts that the case of the TDI has generated, in the whole of the sector, advocate voluntarily by providing an approximation of your actual consumption to the customer. Opel has just announced that from April 2016 they will begin to publish all the consumption of real products, under a cycle of analysis closer to the reality of driving that will have their customers in the day-to-day. A as already announced recently, the group PSA Peugeot Citro├źn, and is expected to join voluntarily more manufacturers, entered into force a law that will make mandatory compliance.

Opel joins PSA Peugeot Citroen announcing that it will publish the consumption real, according to the cycle WLTP, of their cars before the entry into force of the new regulations that will force manufacturers to make the new approval.

In this way, Opel wants to stay ahead of a new cycle of approval based on the actual conditions of driving, which would go into effect in 2017. Opel will use the latest iterations of the cycle harmonized with the Worldwide Harmonized Light Duty Test Procedure (WLTP), a measurement more realistic, born of the international consensus, is intended to provide a more realistic view of the consumption, and emissions of CO2, of each car.

The first model in the face of this test will be the new Opel Astra, whose figures will be known in a few months.


The cycle type approval WLTP, which also take place in bank of rollers, intended to be closer to the reality of driving, and minimize the loopholes that allow the use of trickery to reduce the power consumption.

As was the case with PSA, Opel has not announced if these tests will be carried out by their technicians, or will be entrusted to third parties, with which we imagine that we will be at the first stage.

approval system WLTP, although search for to offer a fuel consumption figures and emissions realistic, continues to be based on a cycle of approval on a bank of rollers. The reason why it continues to be employing this technique is no other than that of facilitating the realization of the tests and, above all, create a framework that is consistent and repeatable. Otherwise the results might not be comparable. In any case, the cycle is being designed so that the results are in conformity with the reality of the use of a driver will practice on the car, minimizing the margin to open the possibility of that suspicion and tricks in order to manipulate the result.

Source: Opel
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