Opel Ampera-e and its 150 km after charge it half an hour. Does it come out profitable?

Opel Ampera-eDespite the fact that the different manufacturers are advance by leaps and bounds in the field of vehicles powered solely by an electric power system, we realize that for most people the benefits they offer are still not enough. In addition, the radical change of a vehicle heat engine to a fully-electric car is very large, so that customers are afraid to opt for a sedan 100 % electric.

we Know that the electric cars have many advantages compared to passenger cars of engine heat, but also many disadvantages. main disadvantages this kind of green cars are the recharge time of the battery and the place to charge it. Autonomy in itself is not a problem that is too big, at least to our way of seeing. The Opel Ampera-e, according to the German mark, and the protocols for approval, can go 150 km with a fast charging of 30 minutes.

Opel says that the average distance travelled daily by the majority of the drivers is 60 km. It does not surprise me that they were even less, but the case is that most of us we prefer to buy a car multi-purpose that we worth both to do the shopping or go to work, like to go on vacation or do some traveling hundreds of miles for whatever reason.

Opel Ampera-e Opel Ampera-and will arrive at dealers during the next spring and its total autonomy, according to the approvals, is 500 km. In normal riding conditions, with several people in the passenger compartment, the trunk loaded and the air conditioning and the radio turned on, this autonomy will surely stay below 400 km away On a vacation trip that involves finding a point of fast charge (not being very common today), to stop for a good while and continue the march.

In a journey holiday you can that is not a drawback very large, because we can’t predict and plan and adapt our route. But, whatand yes it is a journey of urgency? What I want to get at is that it is understandable for people to have some fear, today, to these vehicles. If we acquire an electric vehicle practically, we are required to have a car with engine heat into the house; and is that the ease of finding a gas station every few miles and fill the tank in 5 minutes gives many points to the passenger car propulsion traditional.

This article has not been written by criticizing the Opel Ampera-e, or much less. We just want to see the reality of the moment. The future is electric vehicles, although we do not know how long the trip will really be cost effective for most people. The brands are putting the batteries (never better said) on this topic, and sure that it doesn’t take too many years to offer products that meet real needs of the drivers.