Opel Astra 2016, first date: alone with the new Astra

The new Opel Astra is almost ready for launch. We will see very soon in Spain, after the summer. From September Opel dealers begin to address the reservations, to boot the first deliveries in October. For Opel is an extremely important launch . And that is something we see in progress presenting product (see bottom of the Opel Astra 2016) and in the form of self-criticism of the mark, recognizing the major shortcomings of its predecessor, recognized by customers and our criticism, to try to improve in all these areas and provide a more competitive product. For now, though we could not drive it, yes we have had occasion to see him live in a small static presentation you have prepared the mark in anticipation of its release Opel Astra wants to be the new benchmark in its class. Big words. Did you succeed?

One of the things that we liked most, and we are waiting to see how conditions the dynamic improvements of the new Opel Astra, is its reduced weight, up to 200 kilograms as mechanical and version.

I said that I liked being critical from Opel when analyzing the defect in his product. The new Opel Astra sinned to be a really heavy vehicle. So his thinning up to 200 kg – according to reports – had hoped as rain in May . A few weeks ago we told you, going into detail how this thinning has occurred. The fact that a lighter car is not seen with the naked eye, but carries significant improvements with regard to fuel economy, improving its performance and provide more agile handling. We have not been able to drive to check, but that is something that should be appreciated when we have the chance to try it for the first time.

Bernd Justen, head of Dynamic Engineering Compact GM not only ticked us the places where the Opel Astra has saved kg, especially using structures with a smart design and high-strength steels (with lower density ). He also told us who have worked the weight distribution. For the same reason starter battery, which involves more than 20 kilograms, would have moved to the rear , next to the trunk. Not one, although more common in some sports than in a general compact novel solution.


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His winning personality behind , with new taillights and a new integration of the tailgate. Still, those are not the most important details of the new Astra.

opel-astra-2016-directo-mdm-25-1440px As we had responsible Opel design, the front has sought to visually widen the body. That chrome grille you see two horizontal blades, makes visually be prolonged to the daylighting LED – standard -. Integrated into the lighthouse itself

opel-astra-2016-directo-mdm-28-1440px These lights are a conventional halogens. Yet you see that on one headlight are integrated daytime lighting and lighting of the direction indicators. The important thing, and the breakthrough that will give the Opel Astra to become the reference point in its category, we will see the premiere of around headlights array technology LED . So far this technology was monopolized by premium manufacturers such as Audi or Mercedes-Benz. Opel already presented us years progress, and we knew that their products evolve in this direction.

opel-astra-2016-directo-mdm-19-1440px Opel did not want a bigger, more muscular car, no more . The new Opel Astra is shorter and lower than its predecessor. What I appreciate is that your lines have won tension and drama. Opel uses a very appropriate metaphor to define the muscles of its new Astra, a simile well known in gyms that until recently were crowded with people rushing the last days of Operation Bikini. They not are seeking hypertrophy your muscles, but mark. Look at the detail of the rear lights, which protrude slightly from the tailgate. Astra’s body is full of details like that.

opel-astra-2016-directo-mdm-07-1440px But undoubtedly more detail what we call attention to the C pillar . Opel sought to give the appearance that Astra roof visor, look for a connection between the lateral line and the rear window glass. Even so, oddly enough, Opel tells us that reduced the size of the pillars, to save weight and to improve visibility, especially front pillar.

opel-astra-2016-directo-mdm-01-1440px This floating C-pillar looks like this when we opened the trunk . Looks more spectacular than it really is, and that height will not bother to accommodate the load in the trunk.

opel-astra-2016-directo-mdm-27-1440px A boot space to accommodate an load volume of 370 liters In this configuration, no spare.

opel-astra-2016-directo-mdm-23-1440px opel-astra-2016-directo-mdm-24-1440px There will be different sets of tires , and combinations finished in two shades of gray, until 18 “. The collateral damage of such a muscular, with steps so generous wheel design – and not something that only happens to the Opel Astra or – is that to maintain a harmonious aesthetic finishes being recommended to equip a fairly large tires



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Notice the grille and black gills protruding from it, with two functions, aesthetics and aerodynamics.

opel-astra-2016-directo-mdm-13-1440px We climbed aboard the new Opel Astra and we have a dashboard dominated by a touchscreen up to 8 inches seamless. Opel says her height is that sought not to extend above the dashboard and that it was perfectly aligned with the implementation of the car.

opel-astra-2016-directo-mdm-12-1440px Its size is sufficient, very correct integration. Opel has sought us solve one of the great problems of the previous Opel Astra, as their customers (and they were right) had too many buttons .

opel-astra-2016-directo-mdm-17-1440px The screen is touch and seems accurate. It even allows us to make some gestural actions fingers together to zoom in and separate browser to reduce it.

opel-astra-2016-directo-mdm-16-1440px But to avoid distractions, I personally prefer to control it with this rotatable found next to the and close to the steering wheel.


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The Opel Astra will be the first model debuts OnStar connectivity technology in Spain . This year should reach dealerships. We talked about making your car is permanently connected to the internet to enjoy advanced features such as identifying where is parked, locate the vehicle if it has been stolen, control maintenance periods, start the engine and open the door remotely or even will be of help in emergency situations, like a hurricane. OnStar increase the chances of practically every month. The entertainment team of Opel Astra will also replicate the screen of your smartphone.

opel-astra-2016-directo-mdm-15-1440px finishes have improved, still in its settings remain light and shadow . The piano black dashboard is in taste, this also has a shining effect. Personally I do not like to attract dust spots and glare caused by sunlight. The settings on controversial points such as the center console have improved over the previous Astra and the new Insignia. The perceived quality is also higher . Yet I still think that Opel has the strength to continue working on these particular points.

opel-astra-2016-directo-mdm-10-1440px highlights the space in the rear seats. Opel tells us that have gained around 3 centimeters leg , and that even taking into account that the new Astra is 5 centimeters shorter than its predecessor. How they have succeeded? Especially reducing overhangs and making the distance between the front and rear pillars to increase. They have also ensured that the dashboard is more advanced, closer to the front of the car.

opel-astra-2016-directo-mdm-11-1440px also it has improved passenger space to the ceiling , so that a person about 1.7 or 1.8 meters comfortable to travel without hitting the roof. How they have succeeded if the height of the Opel Astra has also been reduced? Among other things playing with the position of the base of the seats and the tilt of the seat backs. As with any car in its class, the center seat is not as fluffy and is narrower and higher than the sides. The center console, which extends into position slightly limited legroom and the floor is slightly raised in the area, although the central tunnel is quite low.

opel-astra-2016-directo-mdm-02-1440px No more, just tell you that we are willing to try. Apparently, from what we have seen, touched and known, the Opel Astra will be a big step forward from its predecessor. Even being prudent, we can trust that dynamic level will be greatly improved and the engines used as 1.0 ECOTEC Turbo 105 hp and three cylinders and the new 1.6 CDTI we have liked models such as Corsa, Meriva and ADAM . But that alone can confirm when we test. Then maybe we can answer yes if, in all areas, the new Astra will be placed as a reference in its class. In a year that come loaded with new features, and in which, among other things, also a new generation of its rivals in the market, the Renault Megane be presented.

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