Opel Cabrio Sport Edition, push spring by 28.750 €

Opel Cabrio Sport Edition

With the arrival of good weather many prefer to take off clothes and go out to the street, for example, in a t-shirt of short sleeve and short pant. The same temperature is nice is one that invites many customers to opt for a convertible car in this spring season. There are convertibles of different types, from cars very performance expensive and to urban economic. In the segment of convertible compact generalists we have, among others, the Opel Cabrio.

The German brand of lightning releases a new version with a generous price-equipment. It’s called Opel Cabrio Sport Edition and takes as a basis the finished Excellence. You add the equipment packages Sport Edition and Pack Excellence. The first one adds leather upholstery in black or beige, tires, unique 19-inch, leather steering wheel and sports pedals sports. The Excellence incorporates the Navi 950 IntelliLinl, pack visibility, wind deflector and adaptive headlights intelligent bixenon. Nor does it lack the OnStar system.

Opel Cabrio Sport Edition

This special version Opel Cabrio Sport Edition is already available in the dealer network of the German firm by a price 28.750 euro. It is not for nothing a high price, as the equipment included in the special series that we detailed in the previous paragraph is valued at about 5,000 euros. Regard to your mechanical, you can only attach to the engine 1.4 Turbo 140 CV with a system of stop and automatic starter.

this is Probably the last edition of the current Opel Cabrio. The Cabrio belongs to the previous generation Opel Astra (known as Astra (J)), with a platform quite dated if we compare it with the current model. This is why we believe that the mark of the lightning you want to take advantage of the “pull” of summer to sell the last units of this generation of the Opel Cabrio, known in other markets as Opel Waterfall. A good opportunity to get with a convertible to premiere relatively economic.

Opel Cabrio
From 30.250 euro