Opel Cabrio, with new diesel engine and improvements

opel cabrio 2 Opel Cabrio, con nuevo motor diésel y más mejoras The warm weather arrives and with it the period of convertibles. Many take advantage of the spring and early summer to catch up. The Opel Cabrio receives a number of small updates for its next commercial stage. Reaches the range the new engine 2.0 CDTi 170 horsepower which meets the Euro 6 legislation, as well as some new configuration options.

The 2.0 CDTi 170 horsepower is called to replace the current 165 horses. With the new engine, the Opel Cabrio boasts a average consumption of 4.9 liters and CO2 emissions of 129 grams per kilometer, in addition to 14% more torque to reach 400 Nm . The figures of 0-100 acceleration and top speed are identical, with 10.3 seconds to 218 km / h maximum, respectively speed.

opel cabrio 1 Opel Cabrio, con nuevo motor diésel y más mejoras To meet the Euro 6 regulation antiemisiones, the Convertible Opel uses injecting specific catalyst AdBlue to neutralize most of the nitrogen oxides . This will be a slight increase in maintenance costs and also affects the purchase price, since in Spain the starting price of Opel Cabrio 2.0 CDTi 170 hp with six-speed manual gearbox will be 33,750 euros , 450 euros more than before.

The noise and vibration is less with the new diesel engine of 170 horses, both in running order as it idle. Driving pleasure will be greater because the turbo vacuum actuator has been replaced by an electric one, which is more instantaneous and reduces by 20% the turbo lag . The injection system has also been redesigned and hence lower consumption, at least in test cycle.

A color palette come three new options called True Blue, Rocky Coast and Coconut late summer and connectivity system it will also be introduced in the range of Opel Cabrio Opel OnStar which allows browsing speeds for mobile 10 times higher than the 3G and including eCall emergency call and assistance call for service.

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