Opel confirms more than 400 kilometers of autonomy for the Ampera-e


comparative Table published by Opel.

General Motors has revealed simultaneously the autonomy approved for the new Chevrolet Bolt, and Opel Ampera-e, that with the official data at hand provided by the american corporation, amounted to these models at the head of its respective segment in terms of range of autonomy. If the Chevy approvals 238 miles of range total in the united States, your version mate in europe, the Opel Ampera-and approvals in the new cycle NEDC more than 400 kms between charges.

Overcoming more than a 30 percent to that which until now was the benchmark between the electric vehicles of compact size, the BMW i3, in its version for optional battery-33-kWh-approval cycle NEDC around 300 kilometres of autonomy. In fact, both models of GM even surpass the Tesla Model S version with batteries of 60 kWh, which only has a range of 218 kms in its approval of the us.

while Chevrolet offers the specific figure of 238 miles, about 383 miles, Opel for the time being, only limited to say what “can pass through the magical barrier of 400 km by a considerable margin”, without specifying the exact figure. The reason for the difference between the american model and the european one is simple, the approval testing are different on both sides of the Atlantic, being rather more restrictive and real in north America.


The Ampera-and measures 4.17 mteros and its boot is capable of accommodating 381 liters.

Interestingly, the press release of the Chevrolet did not mention the other models of competing brands. In addition, Opel specifies that in conditions of actual use the new Ampera-and it is capable of exceeding 300 kilometers with a single charge, which in theory follows him, placing the head of electrical compact.

The new Ampera-and it has a battery developed by LG Chem compound by a 288-cell lithium-ion with a capacity of 60 kWh. The mechanical performance of the Ampera-e is equivalent to about 150 kilowatts of power, about 204 HP with a maximum torque of 360 Nm, that allows an acceleration from 0 to 50 km/h of 3.2 seconds and a few figures of recovery, from 80 to 120 km/h, 4.5 seconds, while the maximum speed is self-limited to 150 km/h, with the reason of not affecting the maximum range of the batteries.

One of the most important data and that are still unknown in both models, General Motors is the final price that you will have these in the dealers, who should arrive shortly. For the moment, Opel has already announced that the new Ampera-and will be present at the next Paris Salon 2016, which will take place next month of October.