Opel Corsa 2019: a look at the next generation during one of his tests

Opel Corsa 2019 - foto espía frontal

The new Opel Corsa 2019 continues with its development.

If at the beginning of the past month of October our photographers got to hunt for the first time the new Opel Corsa F, just a month and a half after we have been able to take some new spy photos of the new Corsa. The development of the new generation of the model Opel continues, and although there is still much to see in the market, the project is running since a long time ago and will come loaded with new features.

Although these new photos of Opel Corsa 2019 we see the same unit loaded with an identical amount of camouflage, it is important to see how the engineers of the German firm decided to take him out each time with more assiduity. Leaving aside the fact that there are no new details to view in this Corsa and it has many different time elements, is the ideal time to recall some of the developments that will characterize the next generation of the Corsa.

while here we can see the Opel Corsa with bodywork of five doors, a few weeks ago we published a few spy photos that revealed an important fact. And it is the arrival of a variant sedan. It will be one of the most relevant changes that will be introduced in this new generation. A body that, in Europe, Opel has not been marketed since several years ago. Therefore, the launch of Corsa F will be the time chosen by the brand to the back of the Opel Corsa Sedan 2019.

Opel Corsa 2019 - foto espía lateral

The new generation released platform and will grow a few centimeters.

Mounted on a new platform (G2SC of General Motors) that is shared with the Chevrolet Aveo, it is expected that the new Corsa to grow a few inches. With this, will offer its occupants a passenger compartment more spacious as well as a trunk that cubicará a higher load capacity. In addition, with the use of the new architecture will reduce weight thanks to the employment of new materials lighter and stronger.

Your design will continue to a line has the traditional, although you will receive some influence of the latest releases of Opel. A new front in the theaters headlights, bumper, and grill will make it look more modern and dynamic. Although, as we say, there are some elements arranged so temporary that we will not see in the production model.

¿When it will come to the market? it is Still too early to pinpoint a release date. Although our information current point to a launch during the second half of the year 2018. In any case we are still in a very early stage of the development of the new Opel Corsa. We will be watching to see if we can get the hang of it again.

Opel Corsa 2019 - foto espía posterior

The new Opel Corsa will hit the market in the year 2018.