Opel Corsa 2020: delayed its launch a year to adopt a platform of PSA


One of the test units of the Opel Corsa F.

One of the first steps you will take to Opel after spending part of the PSA Group is to delay the release of the new generation of the Opel Corsa. This was meant to be released in 2019, but will not come until at least until the year 2020.

The reason is not other than his development is going to be redesigned and adopt a new proprietary platform of the French group, instead of using the new platform G2SC of General Motors, which was being developed.

In fact, the project was already quite advanced, according to the spy photos that we had been able to analyze the model in the last year. Ironically, the last time we saw this model during its testing we titled the article “Opel Corsa 2019: nothing halts the development of their new platform”.


Mule testing of the Opel Corsa 4-door.

platform G2SC General Motors is employed for the models of the B-segment of the american group, such as the Chevrolet Aveo, developed in South Korea by GM Korea, formerly Daewoo.

With this step back, Opel now should be rethinking the model from the beginning, adopting a platform and technology belonging to PSA. The reason is no other than a “non-aggression pact” in the agreement between GM and PSA, for which none of the groups used the technology of Opel in the respective markets of the contrary. That is to say, while Opel follow using platforms and technology to General Motors, this will not be able to sell those products outside of Europe, and vice versa. In addition, PSA has to pay for those technologies and platforms that are not our own, but belong to GM.

Opel Corsa F we knew that she would have even with a body of 3 volumes and 4 doors.
A version that we had been decades without seeing, and of which our
photographers capture a series of spy photos late last
year. Now, the Opel will have to adopt the platform PSA PF1
used models such as the C4 Cactus or the Opel Crossland X.