Opel Corsa; next generation could arrive in 2018

Prueba Opel Corsa 1.4 90 CV Easytronic

The current generation of the Opel Corsa is on sale from the past year 2014. However, more than being a new generation is more of a deep restyling of which sold up to that time. Its front changed to resemble more closely to that of Adam and his back to be more Astra. The basis on which it is based is the same, and although it has been improved in large part, many aesthetic elements still keeping a high resemblance with the preceding model.

The good of this deep face wash is the set of technologies and wizards of the driving that has been incorporated and which were not previously available. However, and despite the fact that you have been given a boost, very good to the sales of your stamp does not leave know to stale and, as we have been able to find by Bus, the firm would be working to give you a substitute as commanded by God in a matter of a couple of years.

Prueba Opel Corsa 1.4 90 CV Easytronic

To give life to the new Opel Corsa the signature would be modifying the platform that gives life to the present Astra. If this were so, the new city of the signature of the lightning could incorporate a lot of technology inherited from its older brother. In addition to this, you would also be benefited in weight reduction and improvement of the structural rigidity of the whole.

To be certain this information the battle of the model would grow a few centimeters and therefore the space of the cabin would be wider than the current model. With respect to its range mechanics, the new Corsa could incorporate the mechanical diesel and gasoline in the Astra although with another rank of powers; that yes, without forget the version OPC high-performance.

Regarding your exterior design, according to the source, the new Corsa will borrow many elements of the Astra and new Badge. With them the urban Opel would go on to have one of the designs most dynamic segment. In its interior, there is not yet data but it is very likely that they also share strokes as well as the new infotainment system.

Have to wait the mark to remove the camouflage mules test to see what’s cooking under those vinyls.

Source – Coach

Opel Corsa

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