Opel Corsa Spider Concept (1982): the Corsa convertible that Opel never occurred

Opel presented in Hall of Ginebbra the distant year 1982 this beautiful prototype. It was called officially Opel Corsa Spider Concept, and anticipated the design and the lines of the Opel Corsa, the production of which would begin just a few months after in Zaragoza. So stylish and even futuristic, we raised a convertible cutting speedster, very dynamic, and two-seater with a curious cabin modular. We have wanted to rescue from the trunk of the memories of this beautiful prototype, loaded with personality and nostalgia.

Opel presented at the Geneva motor show in 1982, months before begin to produce the Corsa in Zaragoza.

With a size of less than four meters, we anticipated the appearance that the front of the Corsa would have. The shiny plastic and the flat surfaces were the early 80’s, and thanks to four fog lights, the Opel Corsa Spider Concept had a look of most sports. Its flared wheel arches and hubcaps white were to become classics, icons of the first generation of the subcompact German. Opel wanted to introduce a convertible two-seater, simple and practical.

opel-corsa-spider-concept-1Behind the passenger compartment, a hump located behind the driver gave a sporty look to the car, whose behind was very sober, again strewn with plastic dark and a discrete optical. We cannot say the same for the interior, which seems straight out of school Citroën – that steering wheel of a single radio seemed taken out of a CX. It had nothing to do with the interior that the Corsa would end up equipping it, but at the time liked to abuse digital panels and novel ways of presenting the controls.

Some specialists like Irmscher or Emelba produced the Corsa convertible that Opel never offered.

Two panels to both sides of the steering wheel linked controls like turn signals or windshield wipers. The seats were sporty cut, with a good lateral grip and lined in the same leather-brown as the rim of the steering wheel. A detail very curious was the cover – whose function seemed to shrink – which I could install on the passenger seat. If the driver of the Opel Corsa Spider Concept wanted to turn it into a single seater, could void the front passenger seat at will.

opel-corsa-spider-concept-2There is very little information on the Internet about this prototype, so that we don’t know the engine that was moving, or more technical details. We also don’t know if the rear seats still existed under the cover of fiber glass that stretched behind the seats front. Opel never went on to manufacture a convertible version of its Corsa, although Irmscher and the Spanish specialist Emelba it produced conversions craft of very low volume. What do you think of this Opel Corsa convertible? How should Opel have produced in series?

Source: Hooniverse