Opel cripples the sales of the Ampera-E due to an excess of demand


last July, Opel started selling the new Ampera-and in selected countries of Europas Germany or Norway. With a price of 39.330 euros, it was enough to make a deposit of 1,000 euro, and the mark of the ray is committed to deliver the first units in 2018.

But what Opel did not imagine is that the orders were going to end up with the books one after the other. Yes, you can believe it, there is an excess of demand so great that the German brand has been forced to stop the orders because they are unable to meet the delivery deadlines. In fact, the dealers norwegians warn new customers that will not receive their car before 2019.

“Even in August, all the units that were produced were sent directly to Norway. Only a few have been delivered in the other three countries that have opened up sales for the Ampera-e: Switzerland, the Netherlands and Germany”, ” said a manager of a dealership Norwegian.


The Chevrolet Bolt, twin brother of the Ampera-e under the american brand

In fact, the first country in the that went on sale was in Norway and only two months after arriving in the Norwegian market was at number 15 and was still going strong. And this is something perfectly understandable and justified because the price corresponds to a special edition release First Edition that has one of the equipment series most complete on the market in its segment.

But it also influences another important issue and is that last August, Chevrolet started selling the twin brother of the Ampera-e, the Chevrolet Bolt, and the acceptance has also been enormous, so that sales have soared in the south american country also affect the demand in Europe.

Some customers have opted to purchase the Bolt in the united States and import it to Europe, but have found the problem the connector of charging, which is different. In any case, Opel trust to go and can deliver units and to reduce the 4,000 that has pending receiving units during 2018.