Opel Crossland X: production begins at the plant in Zaragoza

Opel Crossland X - producción

the production of The new Opel Crossland X has already been started.

The new member of the family SUV, Opel is already being manufactured. The production of the Opel Crossland X has been started in the factory that the brand has in Figueruelas, Zaragoza (Spain). The President and ceo of Opel, Dr. Karl-Thomas Newumann, has been present in the event held on the occasion of the exit of the production line of the first unit of the new model.

first Opel Crossland X that has come out of the assembly line is a unit of white colour with a black roof and equipped with a gasoline engine 1.2-liter turbo with 130 HP. Your destination will be Germany. This small B-SUV is the first visible result of the cooperation between Opel and PSA Group started in the year 2012. Following the recent acquisition of the German brand by the group automobile French, the next releases of Opel will be platform and technology PSA.

to be able To put on sale the new Crossland, X has had to cope with an initial investment exceeding 250 million euros. Combining the best of SUVS and minivans, the new model of the brand is positioned as a more urban and family with regard to the Opel Mokka X. Both are crossovers urban, but the Crossland X has a different approach. Endowed with numerous technological elements such as the distinctive lighting system with LED technology, the Head-Up Display (HUD) or the panoramic camera of rear vision of 180 degrees, the new B-SUV, Opel promises to be able to face any type of situation.

Opel Crossland X - producción

The Opel Crossland X is already being produced in the plant that Opel has in Zaragoza (Spain).

As expected, and following the line of the latter company, shall also be equipped with numerous driving aids such as the system of warning of frontal collision with pedestrian detection, warning to the driver by drowsiness, alert blind spot, warning of exit lane or the recognition system speed signs in real-time.

At the time of its arrival in the concessionaires of Spanish will have a array composed of two levels of finish: Selective and Excellence. The first of them, situated as the termination of access, already have a very complete equipment series. starting price will be 14.790 euro. By the time the German firm does not support orders of its new model in our market.

on the other hand, and taking advantage of the act of celebration of the manufacturing of the first unit of the Opel Crossland X, the high office of Opel has confirmed that the sixth generation of the Opel Crosa will be based on an architecture of PES and that will be manufactured in the plant of Zaragoza from the last quarter of the year 2019. A information that we have advance ago matter of a few hours.