Opel denies that his Zafira to exceed the limits of emissions

zafira-tourer-diesel-120cv-1Of time the case Dieselgate affects only the Volkswagen group, directly at least. Because what is true is that one way or another, almost all of the automotive brands are being affected by the scandal of the emissions, in many cases with false accusations. BMW already had to defend themselves against false accusations of the BMW X3 Xdrive20d emitted more than allowed by law.

On this occasion, the affected is the German Opel, accused by their fellow ecologists DUH (Deutsche Umwelthilfe). According to this organization Opel Zafira engine 1.6 CDTi exceeds up to 17 times the established limits of emissions of NOx. The DUH has been detected, according to their study, not detailed, that difference doing tests with the front wheels in movement, while with the two axes in motion, had also, supposedly, some emissions of NOx between 2 and 4 times higher.

zafira-tourer-diesel-120cv-2But the allegations of the DUH fall by its own weight, not being able to offer a plausible explanation and, above all, after the Opel engineers to test a car equivalent in the same conditions, both with the front wheels as the four driven rollers, obtaining the results of type approval. Opel has also been defended by arguing that the act would be against his integrity, values and work of its engineers.

Opel has ensured that all its vehicles meet the requirements demanded by the different markets in which they are marketed, and has stressed that the accusations of the DUH are false and unfounded.

Source – Opel

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