Opel Figueruelas at the point of manufacture 400 thousand units per year

As we already know, in August last year, they concluded the integration of Opel (Vauxhall) in the PSA Group. Since that time the consortium galo controls, in addition to, their main production centres, through to being under his hand the aragonese centre of Figueruelas. In this plant, which has a production capacity installed 480 thousand units annual join the Corsa in 3 and 5 doors, Mokka X and the new Crossland X and Citroën C3 AirCross.

The veteran Opel Meriva ceased production in the past month of march with 17.910 units in the quarter. The rest of the models that are in the plant, have been manufactured 196.424 units Corsa (3, 5-door and versions to LPG and Autogas), 68.172 units Mokka X, 62.885 units Crossland X and finally, Citroën C3 AirCross a total of 37.034 units. By set, of the productive lines that have Figueruelas have come out during the past year a total of 382.425 units.

This amount represents a 6 per cent more than it manufactured in the year 2016. In addition, the growth of the production in this plant is in its fifth year in a row, so that every time is closer to get closer to the maximum of its productive capacity. Of the total volume manufactured, the 89 percent of the units have gone to other countries, with the main destinations Germany, Belgium, France, Italy and the Uk.

The remaining 11 percent of what is produced has been in the national market, showing the good start up business of the Corsa, Mokka X and the good reception that have had the Crossland X and C3 AirCross. With the model of Citroën, the plant of Figueruelas has welcomed for the first time in its history to a model of a different signature to Opel being the first step for the total integration of the house of the beam in the French consortium.

we Will see the evolution that has its production in the year 2018, as next to Vigo, is positioned as the production sites of the PSA Group better used in Europe. Taking into account its operation and the situation the centre of Villaverde (Madrid) it would not be surprising to eventually see hit-and medium-term close their doors and move their production to either of these two centers.

time to Time.

Source – Opel

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