Opel Grandland X, we are unveiling the name of the successor to the Antara


we Solve the riddle of the teaser of Opel

Opel desvelaba done a few hours ago future presentation of a new model in their social networks, without giving any more details or clues, and using the same puzzle with the that reveal the still recent Crossland X. Offering us the first and last letter of their denomination, which in this occasion starts with the letter G ending by the letter X.

The new model is undoubtedly a new model of the SUV segment, which it is clear by the use of the letter X at the end of the name, so the possibilities are reduced to the replacement of the current Antara, although there is still the unknown to discover her new name.

Sources close to Opel have suggested Motor.is that the new name would be Grandland X, name registered by Opel on the same dates that had the name Crossland, you save not only obvious similarity, but that suggests a larger size and, above all, fit the pattern offered by the brand on their social networks.


Recreation of the new C-SUV from Opel.

This model has been developed by General Motors Europe in conjunction with PSA, so we can say that is related with the new Peugeot 3008 and is one of the 7 models that the brand plans to introduce in 2017.

The new Opel Grandland X will be a new derivative of the platform D2XX, one of the latest variants of the platform Delta of General Motors, employed by models such as the Buick Envision, or the new generation of the Chevrolet Equinox.

as we have seen in our latest spy photos, it will have a length of about 4.6 metres, so it will be slightly larger than the Antara, although thanks to the new platform Delta of GM, employed by Opel also in the current Astra, will allow the Grandland X reduce your weight considerably.


The new Grandland would occupy by the time the step high of the range SUV from Opel.

The model Opel unveils Opel tomorrow will probably be an advance in the form of concept, having to wait by the end of 2017, to be able to see the final version of production of the new Opel Grandland X, the new C bet-SUV from Opel.