Opel GT Concept, 2016: this is your futuristic and sporty interior

we can Not hide that we feel some frustration when Opel revealed the new Opel GT and found out that it was a conceptual model rather than a model intended for production, which does not change the fact that, on the one hand we have the hope that we are advancing the intentions of Opel is to launch a new sporting and on the other hand, we serve as a small window to certain features of future models of the brand. Now Opel is going one step further and reveals to us the interior of this Opel GT Concept.

Mechanically this Opel GT has a petrol engine of 1 liter with 145 hp… for a set of only 1,000 kg:

multimedia Systems to measure. The future of infotainment passes for interfaces, individually adapted to the user. Opel is going one step further, and this GT is able to learn from our tastes.

“Art sculpture united with German precision”
. This is the premise that has served to Opel to give life to this model, which reveals to us a tray of free-flowing forms, with a “twisted” dashboard, a central bridge floating, and a steering wheel whose rim seems to want to take a position more square than round.

Opel we discover that the steering wheel, the pedals and the seats feature a system of electrical regulation and the lack of buttons is evidence of a touch control type touchpad and advanced voice control. But there is more.

The signature tells us that the multimedia system of the Opel GT is able to anticipate the wishes of the driver, learning from the conductor in each setting, each touch at the controls and each and every order that we give the software. In this way, we account Opel, the car can be interpreted for example when you will prefer to hear one or another type of music.

Its instrumentation is configurable and depending on the style of driving you are doing, or of our preferences we will be able to see indicators of a more sporty, consumption data…

instead of using mirrors this concept uses cameras, something that we have already seen before in many other conceptual models, by projecting the images in a few areas located to the side of the dashboard. What we had not seen before is a car capable of speaking to us to warn us that our defence is approaching a bike that perhaps we had not seen.


Images of the interior of the Opel GT Concept, 2016: