Opel GT Targa: imagining the future convertible German


Recreation of the Opel GT with roof targa.

As many exercises design, this recreation is that arouses as much admiration as pity, since we know (almost) for sure that we’ll never get to see the model in the streets.

The Opel GT is the sport that is missing from the German brand.

The image we show might look a variant type targa of the Opel GT production, a hypothetical model based on the Opel GT Concept, which the brand presented at the Geneva motor show. Recovering the style and the name of the legendary classic sports brand, has enjoyed two generations widely separated in time.

Opel has already had models in this segment before, and even more radical, as the Opel Speedster. This was based on the Lotus Elise first generation and had its wonderful and lightweight aluminium frame, so that could boast of exceptional performance. However, the sales figures did not justify their presence in the catalog of the German brand.


Recreation of the Opel GT production format coupe.

After this came the Opel GT second-generation. A model a roadster, quite a bit more refined and friendly to its occupants, but that also fit within the positioning of the brand. This was a model based on the platform Kappa of General Motors so that also we could find with the emblems of Daewoo, Saturn, and Pontiac.

This was only in poster from 2007 to 2010, times are bad for a vehicle of leisure. The crisis of the end of the last decade ended almost completely with the then-rejuvenated segment roadster.

These bad experiences are the cause of that we can hardly see in
street-any model-born project GT Concept, though it never
know. What is for sure is that the brand is in a great
renewal of its range
, since the new X family of crossovers to the
new Badge, in addition to the still-incomplete family Astra.