Opel has already completed its global laboratory of propulsion systems

OpelA brand of car, in addition to having a good image and reputation must have a range of mechanical credible and the height of the of its rivals. Opel for a few years has had a range average within the sector. However, it seems that with the latest mechanical diesel and petrol have been taken seriously that the referents. have created from scratch a new family of diesel engines forgetting once and for all of the old blocks Isuzu.

In gasoline have done the same and their latest novelty is the small 1.0 liter three-cylinder that assembles the Opel Astra. However, the signature of the ray wants to go above and beyond in propulsion systems and that is a large challenge. have created a global centre of propulsion systems in which are going to develop propulsion systems that will move to models of Opel and a large part of its parent, General Motors.

opel-cdti-biturboThis site has been constructed in the German city of Rüsselsheim, where is also the headquarters of Opel. Its area is 36,000 square metres and for his creation of General Motors and Opel have invested a total of € 210 million. This centre is integrated in the worldwide development of propulsion systems global General Motors. In its interior, the 800 new engineers, they will investigate and develop the propulsion systems of the future.

Thanks to this centre, Opel and General Motors will be able to adapt their propulsion systems to the needs of the market. It will develop systems of mobility are just as important as the electrical for the new Opel Ampera and Chevrolet Bolt. In addition, we also take into account other types of propulsion such as fuel cells or alternative fuels to oil.

Its opening has been evaluated by Volker Bouffier, prime minister of the state of Hesse, and of Karl-Thomas Neumann, president and Group chief executive of General Motors at Opel.

Source – Opel

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