Opel Insignia 2017: Their five weapons to succeed

The Opel Insignia is a key model for the signature of Rüsselsheim, but his experience starts to make a dent in the battle against the hostile competition given that has been present in the market to a whopping of 8 years that their compadres guerrilla have experienced evolutions spectacular.

These factors have been made, although it was the starting point of a real step forward for Opel, with a design very advanced and appealing, that’d be totally embaulado the Vectra, the Insignia has been left behind ceding ground to other options more avant-garde.


Elegance and dynamism in its design

To solve all of the above, Opel performed an important effort in the implementation of the second generation of the Insignia, a task that in the Engine.it is we have followed very closely by analyzing all the details of the model at different stages of their development.

during this time, we see that Opel shall all flesh on the grill in design refers to adapting to the traits of the Monza Concept the Badge as it did with the Astra 2016, but this time with an impression more reliable.

All of this results in a front aggressive headed by a big central grill with the form of a pentagon that will cover up the lower part of the bumper and shall be accompanied by a few trapezoidal headlights look challenging.

Accompanying the aggressive line of the front a roof of a large slope up to the delicate and well integrated back, which is much shortened in this new generation.

New platform that brings you the most advanced

In this second installment, the Badge shall be in the platform E2XX of the group General Motors; detail that will earn you whole in front of their voracious competition, resulting in a clear rise of the battle in the range of 10 to 15 cm (quite remarkable if we look at the spy photos), what that will allow you to extend your rear seats to offer, according to sources, the space of a Skoda Superb.

The thing does not end here, because this increasing ratios will not lead to an increase in weight, if not the opposite, as it is expected that your set to throw a weight reduced by up to 200 kg, by taking off from above the ballast to be one of the heaviest in its segment.

Only body 5-door and Sports Tourer

taking Advantage of a silhouette more dynamic, closer to a Coupe styling, it seems that Opel discards the bodywork of four doors in the offer for the next Badge, so that the practical and covert gate along with a load volume of about 600 liters capacity will delight the beads of the most travelers.

If even with this we need a plus of practicality, the body Sports Tourer will continue to present the offer, though it will six months after the 5 door.

Technology to the order of the day

In its revamped interior, which will share elements with the Astra, it is expected an advanced system multimedia IntelliLink with Android Auto and Apple car Play in addition to the system Opel OnStar with free WiFi for all occupants of the Badge.

will Also feature a warning system of the presence of objects in the dead angle, system of reading of traffic signs, stop and start by button, Head Up Display with projection information on the windshield, seats with function of massage, headlights IntelliLux LED and a long compendium of the systems of driving assistance and comfort drive the Badge to a higher level.

Greater power and efficiency and even a plug-in hybrid

In the offer mechanics will be incorporated blocks tricilindricos gasoline 1.0 up to 120 horses of power followed by the diesel CDTi four-cylinder biturbo engine that could shed up to 160 horses. All of this supported by systems of fuel economy as the ‘candle mode’ that help the consumption to diminish its average compared to the outgoing model. To these will be added to a Badge plug-in hybrid, which will come months after the premiere, the saloon germans in the market, to mid-2017.

front wheel drive will be the greatest act of presence right in the range as well as the integral, although reserved for the most completed models. This is going to be attached to a automatic transmission of eight relations.

In the more aggressive bid will continue to be the OPC, whose power would be close to the 400 horse power.

it Is assumed that its presentation will take place at the Paris motor show in 2016 or in Frankfurt at the latest, so we’ll leave you with the spy photos collected until the time.