Opel Insignia Grand Sport 2017: All new techniques and equipment


This new generation will give an important qualitative leap.

General Motors Europe has revealed almost simultaneously the new Opel and Vauxhall Insignia, at the same time, Holden did the same with the new Commodore. Three different names for the same product that will be sold in very different parts of the world, and that soon will join the american version, the Buick Regal.

The overall project of the new Badge, as we have described not a few times, it is quite a challenge, since the new model you should expand your target business to new customers, of the segments of premium, and in addition do so in markets very different.

For this purpose, the renewal has been in-depth, for now we can define two points, rack and systems. As for the time, GM Europe has not revealed the mechanical or of the variant Opel or Vauxhall. We know that under the logo of Holden will be available a V6 supercharged, and that all the mechanics that we see in Europe will also be turbo, but we don’t have official confirmation of the blocks that make up the range.


New platform and larger size for the Flagship Grand Sports.


Opel has used the platform E2 for the new Badge which has resulted in an increase of all the dimensions, except height, and of a considerable saving of weight on the scale.

The new dimensions come closest to the models of the segment E, to lead by the time the D segment in terms of total length. With 4.897 mm long, is even larger than the previous reference in this regard, the Skoda Superb (4.861 mm).

The new Badge is more of length, width, and under its predecessor, so that his silhouette is lean considerably. Although where it really has grown is in the wheelbase, gaining 9.2 inches, is clearly more space available for the passenger compartment.


The sedan is only available in bodywork of five doors.

According to the brand, the new model has in the rear bench of 32 mm more of space to the height of the hip, 25 mm above the height of the shoulders and 8 mm more headroom. The boot offers 490 litres to 1,450 litres in the case of lowering the rear seatbacks.

The new size has not harmed the total weight of the set. Although Opel has not revealed for the time being this figure, which should be studied with caution because the Badge you can now have much more equipment, the use of this new platform has managed to to reduce the total weight at 175 pounds. Only in the frame have been 60 pounds of savings. The aerodynamic coefficient is excellent, only 0,26, which will allow you to reduce your consumption significantly.

The Badge you will enjoy an enhanced system of chassis FlexRide, which offers 3 driving modes selectable by the user, and depending on the chosen mode, it adapts the behavior of the suspension, which can vary up to 500 times per second, as well as the steering, throttle response and the shift in the automatic transmissions. It also has intelligent system of all-wheel drive with the distribution vector of the motor torque or Torque Vectoring, which according to the brand is the system of its class, a more sophisticated market.


New IntelliLux LED.

Systems and equipment

One of the biggest novelties of the Badge is the incorporation of the latest evolution of the system IntelliLux LED, which was already revealed several weeks ago by the mark, prior to the official presentation of the model. Now with 32 LEDs, has a range of up to 400 meters.

To increase the perceived quality of onboard, the new model premiere seats that receive the program certification “Campaign for back healthy,”, these are equipped with electric adjustment, feature massage, memory and ventilation in the seats in front, and heating system in the rear.

In the section of infotainment, we find the latest generation of the system IntelliLink from Opel, with WiFi connectivity and compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, in addition to having the features OnStar of General Motors, recently launched in Europe.


sober Interior but well finished off.

Among the systems of driving assistance highlight:

  • New HUD (Head-up Display) that displays information of the speed, the traffic signals that read the own vehicle, the vehicle speed preset in the speed limiter, and even information of the navigation system.
  • view Camera 360 degrees, that operates with 4 individual chambers located on each side of the vehicle and offers you a vision bird’s eye view of 360 degrees.
  • Adaptive Cruise Control with Braking Autonomous Emergency, which measures the space with the vehicle that precedes us on the road by adjusting the speed preset and the preset distance. In case of decrease that space quickly, this system activates the emergency braking.
  • Assistant of Maintenance of a Rail with automatic correction of the direction and Warning of Involuntary Change of Lane, which by slight corrections of the steering wheel notifies you of a neglect unintentional lane, warning also of an acoustical way and by a witness in the dashboard.
  • Cross Traffic Alert Rear, that notifies us of the arrival of obstacles laterally during maneuvering in reverse. To do this employs radar sensors located in the rear bumper.