Opel Karl, to the test. What is the utility of low-cost Opel a good choice of purchase?

The segment is not the largest in our market, but also deserves our attention. Normally, the cheaper alternative to access to a car is a urban vehicle of the segment – with permission of the Dacia Sandero. One of the last to arrive was the Opel Karl. A car that has received little publicity, but that picks up the baton that he left behind him the deceased Chevrolet Spark. Built in South Korea, and sold under a German brand, we realize a test to the bottom of the Opel Karl. what convinces Us the low-cost Opel?

The Opel Karl has replaced the Opel Agila as urban vehicle of access to the range Opel. It is manufactured in South Korea.

After the withdrawal of Chevrolet from Europe, the gap of the Spark has been replaced by the Opel Karl. why is it called Karl? is Not by Karl Marx: his name is a tribute to the eldest son of Adam Opel, the founder of the brand back in the distant 1863. The car has replaced the Opel Agila source Suzuki as urban for access to the range Opel. With a outer size of only 3,67 meters, is a clear rival to competitors such as the Kia Picanto, Fiat Panda or SEAT Mii. Only offered with a body of five doors.


The unit that we tested belongs to the finish Selective, the only version available in our country. Also, is only available with a engine 1.0 ECOTEC petrol with 75 HP. I had about 12,000 km on the odometer at the time we begin our thorough testing, in which we have travelled about 1,300 km to the steering wheel. A city must compensate its benefits scarce, and its purely practical with a nice aspect. The Opel Karl is perhaps one of the alternatives more sober in its segment, as difficult as it seems to believe it.

One of its strengths is that it is approved for five passengers, instead of four, as the SEAT Mii.

Your front inherits strokes of his older brothers, as their optical or antinieblas front. Although it has daytime running lights, are a few simple halogen to the edge of the headlights. Our unit came equipped with a few cosmetic plastic for the wheels of steel – yes, the hubcaps. The urban try to maximize the space aboard, so it is no surprise the bulging of its side profile. In the rear, have opted for a few riders similar to those of Opel Corsa, without the LED technology in this case.

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Analysis of the interior of the Opel Karl

Where a city should highlight in the space on. It is the main virtue of the Opel Karl, which also plays with an ace in the sleeve: on the contrary, that the Volkswagen up! and other urban, yes is approved for five seats. In the plazas front the space is very correct, and thanks to the height adjustment for the driver’s seat, even the highest you will find your driving posture proper. However, the steering wheel lacks of regulation in depth, forcing to stretch the arms, or shrink legs.

The instrumentation of the Opel Karl is very complete. Has water temperature gauge and an on-board computer very informative.

Personally, has forced me to stretch a bit more because my arms, but has not come to be annoyed. Yes could be, for drivers tall (I measure 1.83 metres). I have to praise the softness of the seats and the correct length of seat, after an intercontinental flight and 500 miles on them, my back has hardly been resentful. Ergonomically complaint no in the operation of the controls of the Opel Karl, praising personally comfortable that it is the knob of the shift lever and its closeness to the steering wheel.

opel-karl-prueba-18-mdm qualities of the Opel Karl are simply correct. Has good settings, but some details feel cheaper than it should: for example, the panels of the doors or the lid of the glove box – is not illuminated or refrigerated. I like the steering wheel and his touch, despite not being lined his leather rim. The instrumentation has easy-to-read, and the on-board computer, be of the series, he even says the pressure of each tire. Under a strong sun, the dashboard and the door sometimes preventing us from seeing correctly to the watches.

By folding the rear seats (60/40), you get a surface almost flat load, with a volume of one cubic meter.

access to its rear seats is quite correct, because the door takes full advantage of the shape of the bodywork. These spaces are characterized by a good space for the head, that allows to accommodate passengers high. Even the legroom is superior to other rivals in the segment. Yes, three adults will travel weary, but not as much as you think. This row has two ISOFIX child seats. Now, tap pull crank to open the windows in the rear. Is fashion as “vintage”, isn’t it?


trunk of the Opel Karl cubic 206 litres. It is not the largest in the segment, but not the smallest. It should be either a large suitcase or a carricoche child, but very little more. There is a step between the mouth of the cargo and the cargo floor. The mouth of loading may be more extensive, as the load of big lumps is problematic. The trunk is not lit, and the carpet that covers the kit puncture is of poor quality – the spare wheel is a bonus and 60 euros. Moves in excess and bends when inserting and removing belongings. It is a detail could be improved.

the steering wheel of the Opel Karl 1.0 ECOTEC

In addition to the manual gearbox five relationships, the Karl is available with a manual gearbox robotised 5-speed called Easytronic.

there is Only a motorization available on the Opel Karl. A engine 1.0 ECOTEC, three-cylinder 999 cc of engine displacement and air intake, which develops a maximum power of 75 HP. It is essentially the same engine 1.0 turbo of the Opel Astra and Opel Adam, but without the “conch”. Its maximum torque is 95 Nm at 4,500 rpm, and their benefits are as you would expect, modest: 0 to 100 km/h in 13,9 seconds and tip 170 km/h. On paper, approves an average consumption of 4.5 l/100 km, and lacked a system Stop & Start.

opel-karl-prueba-38-mdmonce started, the engine is very quiet, and only from about 3000 rpm its characteristic triple is perceived with clarity. It is smooth in its power delivery, but responds surprisingly well at low speed. At least in an urban environment, it is not necessary to hurry through the gears to get the acceleration correct. The Opel Karl standard “mode City” for the power steering, that softens even more. Parking manoeuvres can be made literally with just a finger.

The Opel Karl tried has a system of warning of involuntary change of lane. The alarm is only audible.

I don’t see too much utility, since the electric power steering is very assisted, but there will be clients who will value. The urban area is the preferred of the Opel Karl, where it shines by its good rear visibility, ease of strolling and consumption contents – about seven liters per 100 kilometers. A good city should be able to tackle challenges extraurbanos with dignity, and the Opel Karl meets if you take it out of town. But it is important to emphasize how it meets, as well as its consumption on the open road.


If properly maintained a cruise of 120 km/h, in some repechos the speed will fall hopelessly and we will be forced to drop down to fourth despite spinning at 3.750 rpm at legal speeds on the highway. Advance in high schools requires careful planning, , know the road and rush a downshift to the court of injection. Without a turbo, all the urban power similar to incur this weakness. All in all, a round ring – incorporation included – is a piece of cake for the Opel Karl.

Motorway – from Madrid to Asturias – we have achieved a consumption of 5.5 l/100 km, while respecting the speed limits.

dynamic behaviour of the Opel Karl is oriented to comfort. The tare of the suspension is better than the other rivals like the Kia Picanto, much more “rebotones”. The touch of the power assisted steering is very uninformative, but it has surprised me for good grip and the cornering of the car. Investigating, I have given with the test Km77 of this same car. It is there where I discover that the measure of the tyres – 185/55 R15 – is not available in the Spanish market. Only have vehicles of the press of Opel.

opel-karl-prueba-4-mdmOf series, mounted tires 165/65 R14, and optionally is available with wheels 16 inches and tires 195/45 R16. A case truly curious this. It is hoped a step-by-curve is more modest in a Karl equipped with tires of 165-mm section, as well as consumption habits that are slightly more tight. The car you should maintain good dynamic qualities, and although he should not be demanding too much – his train braking rear is composed by drums – an ESP very wise to cut out any misbehavior.

Equipment and rivals the Opel Karl

Only is for sale with a finished, called Selective. The option with auto switching has a higher price of 590 euros on the manual version. Its standard equipment is very rich: it includes air conditioning, board computer, radio with MP3 and hands-free Bluetooth or cruise control. If we want the large tires, the wizard of involuntary change of lane and antinieblas with function cornering, we must ask the package Selective Plus, which costs a reasonable € 450.

opel-karl-prueba-19-mdmIf what you want is a connectivity more advanced, 490 euros, the package Techno includes remote assistance Opel OnStar, a WiFi area to 4G and the system infotainment IntelliLink 4.0, compatible with Android Auto/Apple CarPlay, and a 7-inch touch screen. Your price is 9.110 € , once referred to the promotional discounts and the Plan PIVE. It is a good price taking into account its equipment, abundant already in factory settings. An Opel Karl in “full-equip” you can get it for less than 10,000 euros.

Maybe one of their strongest rivals has it at home. The Opel Corsa is currently endorsed by, 8.800 euros in its three-door version. Same is the case with other rival B-segment, whose versions of access have knockdown prices, even at the expense of having equipment drier than the Karl. The Opel Karl is a good urban, despite its small flaws in finish. To keep in mind if you are in the market of the segment, and we do not care to have an image less eye-catching than other rivals.