Opel Meriva 2017, we discover your inner

Opel Meriva 2017 - foto espía

The Opel Meriva 2017 remains in compliance with its phases of development.

If less than a week ago we published some spy photos of the Opel Meriva 2017 caught by our photographers during a testing session at the Nürburgring, we have to re-echo the new generation of the mpv Opel already to show you, which are the first images of its interior. Completely discovered thanks to these new spy pictures.

And although the photographed unit has some fabrics to try to disguise some of the aspects of the interior of the new Opel Meriva 2017, we can say that it has now been discovered a large part of the most characteristic elements of this model that, if no unforeseen at the beginning of next year, although the start of the long would have to occur in the latter part of 2016.

Focus on these spy photos of the interior of the Meriva 2017, we see that you will receive a large screen in which to make use of the system of info-entertainment as well as the browser. And around the screen are also appreciated some controls that make use of the various applications and services of the new Meriva. For example, the new browser by satellite.

Opel Meriva 2017 - foto espía

this Is the first time we see the interior of the new Opel Meriva 2017.

After the multifunction steering wheel in which there will be different buttons to control the system of info-entertainment systems such as speed control, it is the view of the panel of instrumentation composed by two dials individual and a central screen, which is able to visualize different parameters and data focused to optimize the driving.

on the other hand, and in what regards the exterior of this unit taken by our photographers, the truth is that there is not much novelty that we can count. And is that with respect to the unit, photographed a few days ago, has not lost a shred of camouflage. In any case, it is important to keep in mind that if something was to characterise the new generation of the Opel Meriva is that will step forward to become a model of appearance “crossoverizado” and so, to be able to leave behind your current design mpv traditional.

¿Where will it be manufactured? The new generation of the Opel Meriva will share the assembly line with the Citroën C3 Picasso in the factory of Zaragoza property of General Motors. Model that will also share architecture and a large number of components. By the way, will also be produced in Spain, the Meriva marketed under the brand Vauxhall in the United Kingdom.