Opel officially presented to the Flagship 2017 with their prototypes validation


The new Logo increases in size, 9.5 in battle, and 5.5 length.

Opel has done a preview of the new generation of the Insiginia. Presenting the prototypes of final validation of the new model, even with the camouflage vinyl of the prototype testing. The presentation has been in Germany, where a number of international media have been able to try the new saloon, including the media, australians, since the development of this new generation of the Flagship will bring to life the substitute of the Holden Commodore, which will use even the same denomination.

By the data offered by the German brand so far, the new sedan will receive the denomination Opel Insignia Grand Sport, and will remove it in its new range the traditional 4-door version, offering only for the variant vehicle body tailgate, five doors. Although there will also be available in a variant family.

Has been developed on a new platform, architecture-E2 General Motors, developed by Opel but used globally. The new Flagship Grand Sport has thanks to this platform of up to 9.2 inches more of battle, while the overhangs have been shortened, so that the overall length only grows to 5.5 cms. The pathways grow a centimeter in width, while the roof is now 3 cms lower.


Compared visually with the current Flagship is note the increase in size.

An increase of size more than considerable, but understandable, because this model will replace both the current Flagship as Commodore of Holden, a vehicle of larger size and rear-wheel drive, which until 2006 was based on the platform of the last Opel Omega.

The increasing size of the Badge carries no weight gain of your rack, because according to the brand the new model is up to 175 pounds lighter thanks to the use of lightweight materials in its construction, such as high-strength steels.

The new proportions ahead of a silhouette more dynamic, that according to Opel, has a design which is based on the prototype Monza.


Your presentation will be in 2017.

The future range of engines will go from the 110 HP diesel less powerful until the 250-HP 2.0 T petrol. Will have versions of front-wheel drive and total and feature a new automatic transmission, torque converter, of 8 relations.

In regards to new technologies, the new Flagship will feature cushioning piloted, headlights matrix LED and the latest news in the section of infotainment for the brand.

The official presentation of the new Opel Insignia Grand Sport will be in the
Geneva motor show in march of 2017, while its
marketing will start shortly after.