Opel promises to publish consumption actual its range from 2016

Opel Astra 2015The scandal of emissions of TDI, Volkswagen has given a lot to talk about. However, some manufacturers are turning back to the situation and creating a new framework to which many other brands will surely be added in the coming months. We talk about post consumption actual under conditions of real driving. This is referred to in Opel when now announces that shall publish all its consumption to real from 2016.

Opel, as it already did PSA with Peugeot and Citroen a few months ago, wants to be transparent and demonstrate to the customer the consumption that is going to get in a few evidence realistic. Specifically, the germans will be based in the protocol WLTP, the new cycle of approval that does not end of getting but one that promises new measurement tests to emulate real-world conditions. And therefore consumption real.

Opel Astra 2015The evidence will continue to be in rollers for the simple reason that there is that standardize testing. The problem is given by the regulation. The WLTP, as much as is realistic, it is not yet in force, nor are there organizations in charge of standardization under this new protocol. Therefore Opel, we imagine, will publish some tests of consumption and emissions carried out by themselves.

This means that , you can’t compare these consumptions with, for example, Citroën, for a lot that you can both abide by the same protocol. Each one will make on different machines and in conditions that are probably different. It is not the fault of Opel, it is a cycle of approval WLTP that should already be in force.

In any case, it is a proposal that demonstrates the transparency of Opel with its consumption and emissions. The new Astra will be the first model that we know of his realistic data, but the information will spread to the rest of the range throughout 2016. It is hoped that other manufacturers will point to this idea, for a lot of that consumption approved to continue to be the of the current cycle.

Source – Opel

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